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Genesis 1-25

Part 1: Creation, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

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by Charles E. Hummel and Anne Hummel

Genesis 1-25
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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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Do you struggle to know and follow God's call for you in the world? Genesis tells us that even the giants of faith—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph—struggled to obey their Creator. But Genesis also reveals the amazing truth that the God who called a world and a nation into being also calls each of us to serve him.

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Getting the Most Out of Genesis 1-25
1. The Creation - Genesis 1:1--2:3
2. Adam Eve - Genesis 2:4-25
3. The First Sin - Genesis 3
4. Cain Abel - Genesis 4--5
5. The Flood - Genesis 6--7
6. The Rainbow - Genesis 8:1--9:17
7. The Tower of Babel - Genesis 9:18--11:32
8. Abram's Call - Genesis 12--13
9. Conflict Covenant - Genesis 14--15
10. Ishmael Isaac - Genesis 16--17
11. Sodom Gomorrah - Genesis 18--19
12. Political Family Crises - Genesis 20--21
13. The Sacrifice of Isaac - Genesis 22--23
14. A Wife for Isaac - Genesis 24:1--25:11
Leader's Notes


Before his passing in 2004, Charles Hummel was formerly director of faculty ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and president of Barrington College in Rhode Island. He was the author of fifteen books and Bible studies, including The Galileo Connection, Fire in the Fireplace, Genesis (in the LifeGuide Bible Study Series), and the bestselling booklet Tyranny of the Urgent.

Hummel (1925-2008) had extensive experience leading Bible study groups and training Bible study leaders. With her husband, Charles, she coauthored many LifeGuide Bible studies and later worked with sepcial needs children at Elm Park Daycare Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

BY Anne Hummel

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