Doctrine Twisting

Doctrine Twisting

How Core Biblical Truths Are Distorted

by H. Wayne House and Gordon A. Carle

Doctrine Twisting
  • Length: 267 pages
  • Published: August 29, 2003
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1369-8
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In essentials unity. In nonessentials liberty. In all things charity.

Almost daily Christians are bombarded by strange new teachings about Jesus. The worldwide proliferation of new religious movements has created confusion in the church.

  • Are there core beliefs at the heart of the Christian faith?
  • If so, what are they?
  • And how should Christians relate to those who do not embrace these beliefs?

In down-to-earth language, Doctrine Twisting addresses and answers these questions.

With the firm conviction that God has sufficiently and finally revealed himself in Christ and through the Bible, H. Wayne House and Gordon Carle explore in detail the doctrines of the Trinity, revelation, sin, Christ's divinity, the atonement, faith and works, the second coming and the afterlife. In each chapter they outline the biblical basis for the historic orthodox position and then analyze and refute deviations from these truths.

Doctrine Twisting will help Christians more fully serve God and minister to others through a better understanding of the essential doctrines of the Bible and the doctrinal errors of new religious movements.


1. Introduction
2. Revelation: How Is the Bible the Word of God?
3. Who or What Is God?
4. Jesus Christ: Man, Myth or More?
5. Jesus' Resurrection: Was It His Actual Body?
6. The Holy Spirit: What Can We Know About Him?
7. Humanity and Sin: Who Are We, and What Have We Done?
8. The Atonement: How Can We Be Saved by the Death of Christ?
9. Salvation: Is It by Faith or by Works?
10. Christ's Second Coming: Is It Physical or Spiritual?
11. The Doctrine of Rewards and Punishments: How Will God Mete Out Justice?
12. Onward Christian Soldiers
Selected Bibliography
Names Index
New Religious Movements and Beliefs Index
Scripture Index

H. Wayne House is Distinguished Research Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

BY H. Wayne House

Carle is a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California.

BY Gordon A. Carle

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