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Deep-Rooted in Christ

The Way of Transformation

by Joshua Choonmin Kang
Foreword by Richard J. Foster

Deep-Rooted in Christ
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  • Published: August 20, 2009
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Come. Accept pastor Joshua Choonmin Kang's invitation to walk slowly, paying attention to God's work in you and around you, to walk intentionally, using spiritual disciplines to develop Christlike character, and to walk purposefully, experiencing deeper grace and vision.

In this book you'll encounter fifty-two brief readings, ideal for weekly sabbath reflection or daily devotional use. They point to the path of peace in the midst of life's turmoil, to hope in the midst of brokenness, where you'll become "like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither" (Ps 1:3). It's the path to becoming deep-rooted in Christ.


Foreword by Richard J. Foster

Part 1: Beginning
1 Begin with Emptiness
2 Let Yourself Be Filled
3 Send the Roots Deep

Part 2: Becoming Rooted in Jesus
4 Can Bad Roots Bring Good Fruit?
5 Becoming Rooted in Jesus
6 Christ Is the Firm Foundation
7 Minding the Inner Life
8 Spiritual Discipline and the Deep Well

Part 3: Growing in Grace
9 Plumbing the Depths
10 Growing Through Grace
11 Put Away Childish Things
12 Growth That Matches Knowledge
13 Grow Through In-Depth Understanding
14 Sharpening Our Spiritual Vision
15 Growing from a Lamb to a Lion
16 Training to Grow in Grace

Part 4: Wilderness--A Preparation
17 God Makes Us Servants in the Wilderness
18 Training by Anticipation
19 Discerning God?s Time Frame
20 Discipline of Solitude
21 Discipline of Hearing God
22 Discipline of Prayer and the Word
23 Discipline of Self-Shattering
24 Discipline of Self-Denial
25 Discipline of Shepherding
26 Discipline of Serving
27 The Wilderness School of the Holy Spirit

Part 5: Soul Caring
28 Take a Step Back for Soul Care
29 Fine-Tune the Soul Through Quiet
30 Soul Enrichment
31 Tend the Inner Garden
32 Harmonize the Inner and Outer Worlds

Part 6: Ways to Fruitfulness
33 What Is God Looking For?
34 Bear Fruit by Christlike Descending
35 Be Fruitful by Putting Self-Interest Aside
36 We Shatter Ourselves to Bear Fruit
37 We Are Fruitful Through Close Friendship with God

Part 7: Righteousness Has a Heart
38 A Vessel for the Power of God
39 Deeper Spirituality and Pain
40 Righteousness Has a Heart
41 Influencing Others Through Righteousness
42 Our Goal in Righteousness
43 Discipline in Righteousness Is Life Long

Part 8: The Way of Transformation
44 See Your True Identity
45 The Guideline of Patience
46 Discovering Self-Control
47 Skill in Language
48 Satisfied in Spirit
49 Have a Heart Like Jesus
50 Embracing One and All
51 Uncomfortable and Abundant
52 The Way of Transformation

Afterword by Emilie Griffin


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Joshua Choonmin Kang

Joshua Choonmin Kang (ThM, Talbot School of Theology; MDiv, Azusa Pacific University) is founding pastor of New Life Vision Church in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, California. He is a speaker and has written books such as Deep-Rooted in Christ and Scripture by Heart. Kang is also the author of thirty books in Korean, including God's Grace That Turns the Life Around, with over 1.5 million copies in print.