These daily online studies are adapted from our Quiet Time Bible Guide. The studies go through the Old and New Testaments in just over two years. The approach taken by our quiet time Bible studies does not include answers. The goal of the study is to help you dig into Scripture for yourself. You can go deeper using a commentary, Bible background guide or Bible handbook.

Hosea 14: Who Is Wise?

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Hosea.

Suppose someone said to you, "Well, if you really knew me, I’m not sure that you would tell me that God loves me." What would you say? Have you ever wondered how God could love you? After reading Hosea, it is quite reasonable to wonder how God could love Israel. The Lord knew Israel to be thoroughly corrupt and yet in chapter 14 God holds out incredible grace to this wicked nation.

Warming Up to God

Our sins are often too big for us to handle. When have you felt that your sins were too big even for God to handle?

Read Hosea 14

Discovering the Word

  • How does this chapter act as a conclusion to Hosea?
  • What must Israel do to receive God’s forgiveness (vv. 1-3)?
  • What promises are held out to a community who rebelled so greatly against the Lord (vv. 4-7)?
  • Israel sought help from other countries and from idols. How does the Lord stand in contrast to these "saviors" (vv. 8-9)?

Applying the Word

  • How do you need to heed and pray verses 1-3 or words like them?
  • In what way do you need to let God love you as he promises in verses 4-8?
  • Understanding and walking in the ways of the Lord are two critical partners for wisdom. How is that partnership of learning and doing manifested in your life?
  • Where should the partnership be strengthened?

Responding in Prayer

Thank the Lord for forgiving and healing you. Pray that the Holy Spirit would help you to both know and walk in God's ways.