Advent of the Savior
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Advent of the Savior
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Number of Studies: 6
  • Published: June 09, 2009
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3136-4
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On a seemingly ordinary day, in a manger in the middle of bustling, overcrowded Bethlehem, the promised Messiah slipped into the world as a tiny baby. Thousands had longed for his coming, few witnessed his entrance, but millions have been changed by his life. These six studies, edited by Cindy Bunch, will introduce you to the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, remind you of God's faithfulness and power to fulfill his promises, and draw you more deeply into the love that brought Christ to earth.


Getting the Most Out of Advent of the Savior
1. To Us a Child Is Born: Isaiah's Prophecy - Isaiah 9:1-7
2. Waiting and Hoping: Zechariah and the Angel - Luke 1:1-25; 57-80
3. Nothing Is Impossible: Mary and the Angel - Luke 1:26-56
4. Divine Interruption: Joseph and the Angel - Matthew 1:18-25
5. Seasons of Wonder: Jesus' Birth - Luke 2:1-20
6. In Search of the King: The Magi Meet Jesus - Matthew 2:1-18
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