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Introducing the Biblical Imagination Series from Michael Card

Michael Card is an award-winning musician, writer, and performing artist who is perhaps best known and most appreciated for the meticulous biblical study that supports the themes and lyrics of his creative compositions.

His newest project is the Biblical Imagination Series which explores Scripture from the vantage point of the informed imagination. Whether you're new to the Bible or you've been working through Scripture for years, you'll be surprised at how God's Word comes alive in new ways. Check out the newest volume on the Gospel of Mark below.

New Book and Album!

Mark: The Gospel of Passion

book coverIn this next volume of the Biblical Imagination series, Michael Card provides a lively tour of the Gospel of Mark. The first Gospel to be written, Mark is a "pamphlet for hard times," encouraging Christians that all their sufferings were already endured by Jesus. Accompany Mark on his journey with Jesus. [Learn More]

Mark: The Heartfelt Fervor of Jesus

book coverFlowing with the rich, melodic sound and thoughtful lyrics you've come to expect from Card, this album also features the vocals of Out of the Grey's Christine Dente, including her unforgettable solo track, "It's All Over Now." Produced by Scott Dente and including orchestral accompaniment, "Mark: The Heartfelt Fervor of Jesus" offers a vibrant, full musical experience of Mark's Gospel that will resonate with the heart. [Learn More]

Also Available:

Luke: The Gospel of Amazement

book coverWith careful attention to detail, Michael Card embarks on an imaginative journey through the Gospel of Luke in this first book in the Biblical Imagination Series. Join Michael in the work of opening your heart and mind to the "Gospel of Amazement." [Learn More]

Luke: A World Turned Upside Down

book coverFilled with the lyric melodies and thoughtful text you've come to expect from Michael Card, this new album explores the meaning of the gospel of Luke through music that will challenge your mind and awaken your soul to the amazing truth and mystery of the incarnation. [Learn More]

About the Biblical Imagination Series

biblical imagination logoFor years Michael Card's music has imaginatively explored the narrative power of the Word of God. Now in the Biblical Imagination Series, Card invites readers to enter into Scripture as he has learned to do, at the level of the informed imagination.

These volumes will help you discover the biblical text for yourself, ask your own questions and uncover deeper truths. Taking seriously the individual life and voice of each biblical writer, the Biblical Imagination Series will help you reintegrate your mind with your heart to recapture your imagination with the beauty and power of Christ. [Learn More]

$5 flat-rate shipping on all U.S. web orders