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The Unkingdom of God

book coverMark Van Steenwyk shows how the Christian community has failed our mission by embracing the ways of the world. He argues that the starting place of authentic Christian witness is repentance, and although Jesus' kingdom is not of this world, it remains the only hope for the world. [Learn More]


book coverMark Scandrette, author of Practicing the Way of Jesus, joins his wife Lisa to share the secrets of how they bought a home and raised a family debt-free in the most expensive city in the United States. Their immensely practical book is for everyone who believes that financial peace should begin with the shalom of God. [Learn More]

The World Is Not Ours to Save

book coverWe want to save the world and have plenty of causes to pursue to do it. But passionate enthusiasm can give way to disillusionment. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson casts an alternate vision for doing good based on the liberating truth that only God can save the world, because it's not ours to save. And that's okay. [Learn More]

Free shipping on all U.S. web orders $45+