What Is Truth?

What Is Truth?

RZIM Critical Questions Discussion Guides

by Paul Copan and Mark Linville
Series Editor Ravi Zacharias
General Editor Danielle DuRant

What Is Truth?
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  • Published: August 10, 2007
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There are some questions you can't avoid, no matter what you believe. The question "What is truth?" becomes more distressing every day. What's so wrong about being wrong? Am I a bad person if I believe something is true? Where does truth come from? This Critical Questions Discussion Guide by Paul Copan and Mark Linville provides a forum for exploring these questions in groups or individually. Here are the engaging insights of world-class philosophers and theologians to help you.


Introduction by Ravi Zacharias
Getting the Most Out of This Guide

1 Is Relativism Work? Joshua 24:14-28
2 Is Sincerity Enough? Acts 26
3 Are Judgments Inevitable? 1 Corinthians 5
4 Can We Have Moral Values Without God? Romans 1:16-20, 28-32; 2:1-4
5 Why Should We Be Good? Luke 6:27-36
6 Who Is the Lord? Psalm 25

Leader's Notes