Understanding and Using the Bible Published By SPCK

Understanding and Using the Bible

Edited by Christopher J. H. Wright and Jonathan Lamb

Understanding and Using the Bible
  • Length: 256 pages
  • Published: December 17, 2009
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  • ISBN: 978-0-2810-6189-1
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Here is an engaging and exciting introduction to biblical methods and practices of study, edited by two trusted teachers, Christopher J. H. Wright and Jonathan Lamb, in collaboration with a diverse array of expert contributors.

Part One explores key Christian beliefs about the Bible and why it matters, guides effective use and application of the Bible in different cultural and social contexts, teaches on right and wrong use of the Bible, models different possible ways of approaching and using the Bible with integrity, and encourages readers to take the Bible as a while and build a biblical world view.

Part Two illustrates examples of applied Bible use in different contexts with contributions from a variety of authors.

The International Study Guides are clear and accessible resources, contextual and ecumenical in content and missional in direction. The contributors are theological educators who come from different countries and different religious backgrounds and bring practical emphasis alongside contemporary scholarly reflection.

Christopher J. H. Wright

Christopher J. H. Wright (PhD, Cambridge) is international ministries director of the Langham Partnership. He has written many books including The Mission of God, Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, and Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament. He was chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group from 2005-2011 and the chief architect of The Cape Town Commitment from the Third Lausanne Congress, 2010.

BY Christopher J. H. Wright