Developing a Heart for God

Christian Basics Bible Studies

by Rebecca Manley Pippert

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  • Number of Studies: 6
  • Published: February 07, 2003
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Would you like to move from despair to hope?

Would you like to transform your feelings of fear to faith?

Would you like to turn envy into compassion?

The Bible shows how David turned these negative emotions in his life into godly character qualities. In this Christian Basics Bible Study, based on the Bible's account of David and A Heart for God by Rebecca Manley Pippert, you'll investigate David's life, choices, mistakes and triumphs.

You'll discover how you can make the same transformation your own life.


Getting the Most Out of Christian Basics Bible Studies
Introduction: A Heart for God
1. From Fear to Faith - 1 Samuel 17:1-50
2. From Envy to Compassion - 1 Samuel 20:30-42
3. From Hatred to Love - Psalm 52
4. From Rebellion to Submission - 1 Samuel 24
5. From Anger to Meekness - 1 Samuel 25:18-35
6. From Despair to Hope - Psalm 18:1-6, 16-19, 46-50
Guidelines for Leaders
Study Notes

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Rebecca Manley Pippert is an internationally known speaker who regularly lectures on spiritual renewal, evangelism, and character formation for church conferences, at schools and colleges, and in pastoral training seminars. She has also written several popular books on evangelism and Christian living. Her bestselling book Out of the Saltshaker has sold more than a half-million copies worldwide.

BY Rebecca Manley Pippert

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