The Witness of Jesus, Paul and John

An Exploration in Biblical Theology

by Larry R. Helyer

The Witness of Jesus, Paul and John
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  • Published: October 28, 2008
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In this practical textbook Larry Helyer introduces you to the goals and practice of biblical theology and the problem of the unity of the Bible. He then explains two evangelical approaches to biblical theology--dispensational and covenant theology.

In the heart of the book Helyer turns to three major witnesses of the New Testament: Jesus, Paul and John. In these three witnesses he finds the climax of the biblical message and the key to unlocking the message of the Bible.

Here is a book that introduces students to the big questions in evangelical biblical theology and then takes them into the heart of the New Testament. Students will gain an appreciation for biblical and New Testament theology, and how the New Testament unlocks the central message of Scripture. This clearly written survey will equip students for a lifetime of studying Scripture.

"In this excellent volume, Larry Helyer provides a clear and compelling description of the heart of the message of the New Testament. Larry does an outstanding job of synthesizing and interpreting the testimony of Jesus, Paul and John in a way that is understandable and helpful to readers. The volume is well rooted in good scholarship, shows appropriate sensitivity to the first-century historical context and reflects careful exegetical analysis of the important texts. This book should be given top consideration for any course on New Testament theology."

Clinton E. Arnold, professor and chairman, Department of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"A delightfully useful textbook! Helyer read my mind, covering the topics that I want a New Testament theology textbook to discuss. In an engaging style, Helyer introduces, for example, the kingdom of God, balancing just the right amount of history, like Schweitzer and Dodd, with solid exegesis. Today's student hears about love from both Leon Morris and Harry Potter. Written from an unapologetically evangelical viewpoint, students are introduced to both covenantal and dispensational approaches in a fair, balanced manner, providing a textbook for both traditions."

E. Randolph Richards, dean, School of Ministry, Palm Beach Atlantic University

"Few scholars would take on the task that Dr. Larry Helyer has chosen in this formidable textbook: to locate the center of biblical theology and find its unifying themes in the chief witnesses in the New Testament. Following a 120-page review of the problems and proposals traditionally associated with the task, Helyer studies Jesus, Paul and John to locate a common theological thread--which he does with care and discernment. He claims that the New Testament does indeed have a unifying motif and he defends this successfully. This is an enormously helpful book that will give needed guidance to evangelical students for many years to come."

Gary M. Burge, professor of New Testament, Wheaton College Graduate School

"In this midlevel biblical theology, Helyer displays the fruit of a quarter-century of study and college teaching. The distilled wisdom found here is enormous. Helyer interacts extensively with biblical scholarship of recent generations. But he doesn't neglect the light shed on his subject by patristic and Reformation figures. He explains the differing hermeneutics informing Reformed and dispensational systems. Most of all he unpacks Scripture's message in a rich and orderly way. Undergraduates hearing Helyer teach this material were privileged. Now a much wider audience can profit from this work of unusual clarity, integrity, breadth and energy."

Robert W. Yarbrough, associate professor of New Testament and New Testament department chair, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"An outstanding work that accomplishes its objectives and fills a gap in the contemporary literature admirably. Theological students, pastors and teachers and thoughtful laypeople alike can benefit from its well chosen and well defended contents. Thanks, Larry, for giving us a retirement gift!"

Craig L. Blomberg, Dharma Deepika, January-June 2010

"Though a scholarly work, Witness is readable and accessible. It includes short forays into academic biblical studies and historical theology making it a helpful resource for pastors."

Frederick S. Tappenden, Bible Study Magazine, May/June 2009



1. What Is Biblical Theology?
2. The Problem of the Unity of the Bible
3. Two Evangelical Systems of Biblical Theology

4. Jesus and the Kingdom
5. The Ethics of Jesus

6. Putting Paul in His Place
7. Paul's Gospel
8. Pauline Christology and Eschatology

9. The Johannine Portrayal of the Person and Work of Christ
10. Johannine Eschatology and Ecclesiology

11. Jesus, Paul, and John: Putting It All Together

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