The Way of Jesus

The Way of Jesus

Saltshaker Resources

by Rebecca Manley Pippert

The Way of Jesus
  • Length: 61 pages
  • Dimensions: 4 × 8 in
  • Published: May 29, 2003
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2124-2
  • Item Code: 2124
  • Case Quantity: 156

In the end, isn't life the same whether we believe in Jesus or not?

Don't all of us long to make meaning out of life?

Don't all of us want to find identity?

Don't all of us want to be loved?

Does Jesus really make a difference?

Rebecca Manley Pippert thinks so. In this book she opens up a frank conversation about the difficulties people have with the hypocrisy they see in some Christians. She then talks about what Jesus means to those who follow him and the difference that has made in her life and in the lives of others.

The Way of Jesus is designed especially for you to give away to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers--anyone you know who is interested in learning more about Jesus.

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Does Jesus Truly Make a Difference in Our Lives?
Facing the Mess
Do We Recognize the Problem?
Owning Our Sin
Viewing Sin in Light of the Cross
A Name for It
Where It All Began
But Is Sin So Serious?
Treating the Disease of Sin
The Mystery of the Cross
Reconciling Justice and Mercy
The First Step to Freedom
The Second Step to Freedom
The Way of Jesus
Questions to Ponder or Discuss

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Rebecca Manley Pippert is an internationally known author and speaker who inspires and equips Christians for personal evangelism at conferences and training events around the world. Her books include A Heart for God, Hope Has Its Reasons, Stay Salt, and the Empowered curriculum.