The Toy Campaign
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The Toy Campaign

The Spirit Flyer Series

Book 2

by John E. Bibee

The Toy Campaign
  • Length: 225 pages
  • Published: July 1987
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1201-1
  • Item Code: 1201
  • Case Quantity: 44
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What would happen if someone decided to trick a whole town--by giving them toys? But not just any toys, you understand. Toys that had a powerful and sinister effect on their owners. And what if only two children knew the evil plot was in the works?

The magic continues as John and Susan Kramar speed through this book of mystery and adventure. As the Fourth of July approaches, they know some scheme is brewing. Armed only with bicycles that possess wonderful powers, their job is to find out what the plan is and stop it.


1. When the Toy Store Closed
2. Through the Black Window
3. The Cobra Club Listens In
4. Susan?s Incredible Tale
5. Mrs. Happy Buys a Store
6. Barry Tails John
7. A Mountain of Toys
8. A Spirit Flyer Rescue
9. The Toy Campaign
10. An Unexpected Trip
11. The New Improved Toy Store
12. On a Throne of Garbage
13. The Warning Horn
14. Next to the Last in Line
15. The Parade Begins
16. Toy Fever
17. Mrs. Happy?s Puppets
18. Losing a Battle
19. How to Stop a Leak
20. Susan?s Failure
21. The Light on the Bike
22. A Cry to the Kings
23. Inside a Beam of Light
24. The Target Hour Arrives
25. Two Spirit Flyers
26. Cause for Celebration
27. Closed for Inventory
28. The Greatest Gift of All


John Bibee is the author of 8 adventure books in the Spirit Flyer Series and eight mystery books in the Home School Detectives series. Some of his books have been read during children's story hours broadcast on radio stations across the country. Several have also won awards from Christian Home & School magazine. A former grade school teacher, Bibee currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

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