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The Suggs Book of Family Tales

Real-Life Stories of Wit and Wisdom

by Rob Suggs

The Suggs Book of Family Tales
  • Length: 96 pages
  • Published: March 2004
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2369-7
  • Item Code: 2369
  • Case Quantity: 44

I became an expert on Legos--not that I had any choice in the matter. From the time our son Robert was able to creep about on the floor, he spent countless hours hunkered down, constructing edifices to make Frank Lloyd Wright spin in his grave. As I would come home exhausted from work, Robert would greet me with, "Daddy! We have to build!"

And so we built . . .

Each night I was as disappointed about Robert's bedtime as he was. But my son granted solemn permission for me to continue on without him. "Daddy, you can play Legos while I'm asleep," he'd say.

I'd blush and stammer for him to get on to bed. I'd share a Bible story, listen to prayers and kiss my two children goodnight. Then, when I could hear Robert breathing regularly, I'd steal over to the Lego corner.

The Suggs family is an ordinary family--probably a lot like your family. Whether they're playing with Legos, learning to drive or just mowing the lawn, the Suggses live a down-to-earth life.

What's extraordinary is Rob Suggs's spiritual perception and story-telling ability. The result is a winsome collection of tales filled with laughter, love and profound meaning that sheds new light on God's precious gift of family.

So gather around the kitchen table with the Suggs family to listen to a few of their stories. And the next time your toddler throws her peas or your spouse loses the keys, you might discover some rich stories of your own.

"Rob Suggs makes words seem like players on a stage. You feel as if you're right there. You will be intrigued as he unveils his family stories."

David Jeremiah

"Please don't encourage him. This book is just his way of getting attention."

Rob's Mom

"Rob Suggs is one of God's storytellers. He's found a brand new route to a person's heart-- right through the funnybone."

Bruce Wilkinson


1. My Bod is Odd
2. The Mother's Day Gift
3. The Sunday Morning Champion
4. The Handwriting on the Wall
5. A Bump in the Road
6. Leave the Driving to Us
7. Love at First Flight
8. Chip Off the Old Blocks
9. A Birthday Surprise
10. The Great Elf Disaster of '99
11. A Christmas Gift for Mrs. Nye


Rob Suggs is a writer who devotes most of his work to the Christian market. He has collaborated with Bruce Wilkinson, David Jeremiah, Bill Bright, Lee Strobel, Les Steckel, and others. Suggs specializes in finding the speaker's voice in prose, as well as communicating that personality's heart and soul in a manner that touches the reader's emotions. Suggs originally made his mark as a cartoonist whose work can be seen in It Came from Beneath the Pew and Preacher from the Black Lagoon. He is also the author of The Ten Commandments, Christian Community and The Suggs Book of Family Tales. He served for three years as a senior editor at Walk Through the Bible Ministries and is a graduate of Furman University.

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