The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah

The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah

by John D. Barry

The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah
  • Length: 170 pages
  • Published: December 10, 2010
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Many have stood in awe of the prophecy about the servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 either because of its innovation in ancient literature or because of the parallels between the servant and the portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels.

However, since the arguments of Harry M. Orlinsky and R. N. Whybray were presented over thirty years ago, there has been little examination of the servant's possible resurrection in Isaiah 53:10-12. Even though their interpretations have been cited multiple times as disproving resurrection in this passage, participatory reference discourse analysis (a method that has been pioneered since their works were written) suggests otherwise.

"John Barry's exegesis of Isaiah 52:13--53:12, a crucial text for Chrstian apologetics, is brilliant: well researched and cogently argued. Step by step he convincingly demonstrates that the prophet proclaims to the Babylonian exiles an individual servant who offers his life as a sin offering and is raised from the dead. His book will be my first port of call when studying this great text."

Bruce Waltke, author of An Old Testament Theology


Chapter 1. Focus, Method and Text
Chapter 2. The Resurrected Servant: Isaiah 49:53 in Light of Participatory Reference Discourse Analysis
Chapter 3. Will The Servant "See Light"? A Reexamination of the
Controversial [?wr] Variant in Isaiah 53:11
Chapter 4. A Critique of Orlinsky and Whybray: Vicarious Suffering, Resurrection and Reconciliation
Chapter 5. Isaiah 53:10:12 in an Intertextual Context Postscript
Appendix. The Vocation of "My Servant" in a Canonical Context: The Role of Being Yahweh?s Servant
Author Index
Scripture Index

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