The Only Game in Town
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The Only Game in Town

The Spirit Flyer Series

Book 3

by John E. Bibee

The Only Game in Town
  • Length: 211 pages
  • Published: June 1988
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1202-8
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  • Case Quantity: 48
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  • Winner, 1988 Christian Home School C.S. Lewis Gold Medal

Everyone wants to be Number Oneā€”the fastest, the smartest, the best looking. That's the way it was in Centerville. And the local toy store, run by Mrs. Happy, was all too willing to help by keeping track of all your points so everyone would know who was really on top. It was, after all, the only game in town.

But Dan found himself at the bottom of this game. He was new in town and he had a limp. With two strikes like that against him, there was no way he could win. No way, that is, until Mrs. Happy offered to make him the envy of every kid in town. Would he accept, or would he follow the Spirit Flyers bicycles of John and Susan Kramar? Would he win the game and lose the biggest prize of all?

Find out in another exciting adventure of magic and mystery from John Bibee.


1. The Bike Came Back
2. Around Town
3. Daniel's New Friends
4. Barry's Old Friends
5. Join the Club
6. Coach Goober
7. The Big Board
8. The Only Game in Town
9. Rank Blank
10. Summer Party Plans
11. Fire and Smoke
12. The Day the Fear Spread
13. Getting a Point Breakdown
14. A Pain in the Neck
15. Flight to the Future
16. Losing and Winning a Fight
17. Number One
18. Daniel Robot Bayley
19. The Moment of Glory
20. Countdown to Zero
21. What Really Counts
22. Mrs. Happy's Complaint
23. Royal Riders


John Bibee is the author of 8 adventure books in the Spirit Flyer Series and eight mystery books in the Home School Detectives series. Some of his books have been read during children's story hours broadcast on radio stations across the country. Several have also won awards from Christian Home & School magazine. A former grade school teacher, Bibee currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

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