The Message of Women

The Message of Women

by Derek Tidball and Dianne Tidball

The Message of Women
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  • Published: February 04, 2013
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In this wide-ranging exposition, Derek and Diane Tidball attempt to defuse the ongoing polemics surrounding gender in Christian witness with a refreshing firsthand look at the place of women in the Bible.

The authors begin with foundations about women in creation and in the new creation and then examine women under the old covenant, women with Jesus and in the kingdom of God, and women in the community of the early church.

". . . a valuable resource for preachers or Bible-study leaders who have not had the opportunity to study the texts in depth, or to reflect on the importance of women within the entire spread of scripture."

Catriona Gorton, Baptist Quarterly, July 2013


General preface
Authors' preface
Select bibliography
Part I: Foundations
1. Women as the Image of God
2. Women and the Fall of Humanity
3. Women and the New Creation
Part 2: Women Under the Old Covenant
4. Family Women
5. Victimized Women
6. Leading Women
7. Resolute Women
8. Prophetic Women
9. Passionate Women
10. Capable Women
Part 3: Women in the Kingdom
11. Women in the Life of Jesus
12. Women in the Encounters of Jesus
13. Women in the Teaching of Jesus
14. Women as Disciples of Jesus
Part 4: Women in the New Community
15. Women in Action
16. Women in Prayer
17. Women in Worship
18. Women in Marriage
19. Women in Leadership
20. Women in Widowhood
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Derek Tidball

Derek Tidball is visiting scholar at Spurgeon's College, London. Previously he served as principal of the London School of Theology where he lectured in pastoral theology. His books include The Reality of Christ: The Message of Colossians for Today, Skillful Shepherds: Explorations in Pastoral Theology, and commentaries in the Bible Speaks Today Series. In addition, he is series editor for the Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series.

Dianne Tidball is currently the regional minister (team leader) of the East Midlands Baptist Association. She is author of the Crossway Bible Guides to Peter and Jude and John's Letters.