The Message of the Living God

The Message of the Living God

His Glory, His People, His World

by Peter Lewis

The Message of the Living God
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  • Published: January 26, 2001
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There is nothing more important, more urgent, than knowing the living God.

Nothing will so shape your thoughts, your actions and your perspective on the world than personal knowledge of God as creator and redeemer. And there is no better place to turn for knowledge--and experience--of God than to Scripture. For in the books of the Old and New Testaments, God has revealed himself to you.

In The Message of the Living God Peter Lewis helps you to expand and deepen your knowledge of God with an exploration of key passages from Genesis to Revelation. Beginning with the creation story of Genesis 1, the springboard of the Bible, and ending with Revelation's doxology, the worship of the living God, this clear and helpful exposition displays the panorama of God's eternal being, creating work and redeeming acts.

Companions to the Bible Speaks Today commentaries, the volumes of the Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series highlight the message of key biblical texts in support of various facets of Christian belief. Rooted in Christian heritage and conversant with contemporary culture, this series provides a rich resource for preaching, teaching and spiritual growth.


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Introduction: How Can We Know God?

Part 1: God and His World
1. God the Creator - Genesis 1:1--2:3
2. Genesis for Today - Genesis 1
3. God the Betrayed - Genesis 2--3
4. God the Committed - Genesis 6--9
5. Providence: God Who Sustains - Genesis 8--9

Part 2: God and His People
6. God of the Promise - Genesis 11--18
7. The God Who Rescues a People - Exodus 3; 7--12; 15
8. The Unapproachable - Exodus 19:1-25
9. God in Ten Words - Exodus 20:1-21
10. God the Lawgiver - Deuteronomy
11. God of Glory and Grace - Exodus 32--34
12. The God Who Reconciles Sinners - Leviticus
13. God the Righteous Judge - Amos
14. God the Great Lover - Hosea
15. The Living God and Dead Idols - Isaiah 40--48

Part 3: God in Three Persons
16. God Incarnate - John 1
17. God the Redeemer - Romans 3:21-26
18. The Trinity: The Biblical Material - Matthew 28:18-20
19. The Triune God - Matthew 28:18-20
20. The Sovereignty of God - Romans 11:33-36
21. Alpha and Omega: The Worship of the Living God - Revelation 4--5

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Lewis is pastor of Cornerstone Church in Nottingham, England, and the author of several books, including The Glory of Christ. Known internationally as a speaker, he has served on the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship.