The Message of Prayer

The Message of Prayer

Approaching the Throne of Grace

by Tim Chester

The Message of Prayer
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  • Published: November 07, 2003
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There are already more books on prayer than anyone could ever hope to read.

But the message of prayer as conveyed through the Scriptures is often lost.

For Timothy Chester, an understanding of prayer begins with an understanding of the doctrine of God. The prayer of faith, as represented in the Scriptures, is a trinitarian experience--to God through Christ in the Spirit.

Here we see prayer as practiced by the patriarchs, apostles and ordinary people in the community of faith. We find that our ancestors in the faith faced similar struggles in prayer to ours, and we take guidance from their examples. In the end, the message of prayer is that to be people of prayer is to be people of the Book, and to be people of the Book is to be people of prayer.


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Part One: The Foundation of Prayer
1. The Conversion of Friends (From Genesis 1 to Revelation 22)
2. Praying to the Father (Luke 11)
3. Praying through the Son (Hebrews 4-5)
4. Praying by the Spirit (Romans 8 and Jude)
5. Praying in Faith (James 1)

Part Two: The Practice of Prayer
6. Praying with the Patriarchs (Genesis 18 and 32)
7. Praying with the Old Testament Saints (Isaiah 37, Nehemiah 9 and Daniel 9)
8. Praying with Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2)
9. Praying with the Psalmists (Psalm 2 and Acts 4)
10. Praying as Jesus Taught Us (Matthew 6)
11. Praying with Jesus (John 14-17)
12. Praying with Paul (Ephesians 3, Philippians 1 and Colossians 1)
13. Praying Together for the World (1 Timothy 1-2)
14. Praying in the Battle (Ephesians 6)
15. Praying When God Is Silent (Mark 15)
16. Praying in Eternal Perspective (Ephesians 1)

Tim Chester

Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, England, and a faculty member with the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy. He was previously research and policy director for Tearfund and tutor in missiology at Cliff College. Tim is the author of over thirty books, including The Message of Prayer, Closing the Window, Good News to the Poor, and A Meal with Jesus.