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The Message of Mission

The Glory of Christ in All Time and Space

The Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series

by Howard Peskett and Vinoth Ramachandra

The Message of Mission
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  • Published: May 08, 2020
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Mission is not an optional "extra" for those few volunteers who "like that sort of thing." The church is called to be God's agents and representatives, a community shaped by the cross and mandated to reproduce and grow so that Jesus Christ may be more and more glorified.

This exposition of fifteen passages of Scripture observes mission from the underside, giving attention to the connections between mission and suffering and even martyrdom, and to the historical importance of the church's conducting mission out of weakness.

All Christian mission has its fountainhead in the God revealed in Scripture, who sent his Son for us, sends his Spirit to us and summons all people to himself. In a unique East-West partnership, Howard Peskett and Vinoth Ramachandra explore the missional privilege and responsibility of the church: to testify by its words and deeds to Jesus Christ, God's unique Son, crucified, risen and ascended.

"Beyond doubt, the time when Christians could feel comfortable with an individualistic approach to life, largely conditioned by the consumer society, is over. The dramatic changes that are taking place all over the world are forcing them to examine their premises and to see the importance of returning to Scripture in search for guidance for life in today's world. Vinoth Ramachandra and Howard Peskett have done an excellent piece of work to show how the Spirit of God can use this return to Scripture to enable Christians as individuals and the church as a whole to recover their distinctive character as the people of God and to glorify God in all aspects of life. This work quite definitely confirms the close connection between discipleship and the wider dimensions of the mission of the church."

C. René Padilla, President Emeritus, Kairos Foundation, Buenos Aires

"Here is the biblical theology of mission I have been waiting for. The authors are practitioners of transcultural Christian mission and have been able to formulate the key questions, applying honest scholarship in their search for answers from Scripture. The result is a clear, readable exposition in dialogue with contemporary cultural trends."

Samuel Escobar, Thornley B. Wood Professor of Missiology, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and missionary in Spain


General Preface


Part 1: World Horizons
1. The Glory of Christ (Colossians 1:15-23)
2. Life and Dominion (Genesis 1:26-31; 2:15-20)
3. The Incomparable God (Isaiah 44:24--45:25)
4. The Word Made Flesh (John 1:1-18)

Part 2: The International Purposes of God
5. Chosen to Bless (Genesis 12:1-4)
6. A Distinctive People (Deuteronomy 10:12-20)
7. A Resentful Servant (Jonah 1--4)
8. A Ready Servant (Isaiah 49:1-26)

Part 3: Three-in-One Mission
9. The Freedom Jesus Brings (Luke 4:16-30)
10. The Mandate Jesus Gives (Matthew 28:16-20)
11. The Way Jesus Commands (John 12:20-26; 13:34-35)
12. The Spirit of Mission (Acts 2:1-47)
13. A Model of Mission (Acts 19:8-41)

Part 4: Doxology
14. The Consummation of Creation's Song (Psalm 104)
15. Certainties of the New Covenant (Revelation 21:1--22:5)

Study Guide

Howard Peskett

Howard Peskett is the UK Scholarships Administrator of the Langham Partnership International, a programme founded by John Stott, providing scholarships for Majority World students to do doctoral studies in various countries. Previously he worked in preaching, teaching, and theological training in Singapore and East Asia with OMF International, and at Trinity College Bristol, where he was Vice Principal until 2006.

BY Howard Peskett

Vinoth Ramachandra

Vinoth Ramachandra lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He holds both a BS (summa cum laude) and a PhD in nuclear engineering from the University of London. An Anglican lay theologian, writer, teacher, and human rights advocate, he combines multiple interests in his international work with IFES, a global partnership of over 150 university-level Christian movements.

BY Vinoth Ramachandra