The Message of Mark

The Message of Mark

The Bible Speaks Today Series

by Donald English

The Message of Mark
  • Length: 254 pages
  • Published: October 30, 1992
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1231-8
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The fast-paced vitality of Mark's narrative of Jesus wins the hearts of modern readers on its own terms. (No small achievement for a Greco-Roman biogragraphy of an ancient sage.) And like any great story, it unveils its meaning to those who listen attentively, who inquire patiently and who brood on its meaning and significance.

Donald English has lived with Mark's story for a long time. He has now written a wise, welcoming and nontechnical guide to the narrative and the message of this smallest of the four Gospels. Whether gazing over the Evangelist's shoulder, or taking the actor's stance or adopting the audience's perspective, he writes as one who loves and understands the story. And he writes as one who has a passion to help others appreciate Mark's portrait of Jesus--Son of Man and Son of God.


General preface
Author's preface
1. The beginning - 1:1-13
2. The ministry opens up - 1:14-3:6
3. Words and deeds in Galilee - 3:7-6:13
4. Missionary outreach beyond Galilee in spite of the disciples' limitations - 6:14-8:26
5. Going to Jerusalem - 8:27-10:52
6. Jesus enters Jerusalem - 11:17-13:37
7. Passion and resurrection - 14:1-16:20

Study guide

The late Donald English was general secretary of the Division of Home Mission for the Methodist Church in England and chairman of the World Methodist Executive Committee. A well-known speaker, he was twice president of the Methodist Conference in England.

BY Donald English

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