The Message of Ezra & Haggai

The Message of Ezra & Haggai

The Bible Speaks Today Series

by Robert Fyall

The Message of Ezra & Haggai
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  • Published: December 29, 2010
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Ezra is rarely if ever preached on. Haggai gets even shorter shrift: if anything, Haggai 1 is pressed into service to encourage a reluctant congregation to give to an ailing fabric fund. But the message of these books, and their emphasis on building for God and the need of obedience to his Word and openness to his Spirit, is one which needs to be heard clearly today.

This commentary by Robert Fyall highlights the contemporary parallels of the challenges Israel faced to those of today's church and demonstrates the relevance of the books of Ezra and Haggai for God's people in all times. With passage-by-passage exposition of the biblical text, this resource will be helpful for pastors, teachers and anyone who wants to dive deeper into these seldom discussed Old Testament books.


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1. The ransomed of the Lord return (1:1-11)
2. What's in a name? (2:1-70)
3. Getting priorities right (3:1-6)
4. Starting to take shape (3:7-13)
5. The vultures gather (4:1-24)
6. God's work cannot be stopped (5:1-17)      
7. The king and the King (6:1-22)
8. God's man arrives (7:1-10)
9. The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord (7:11-28)
10. Another Exodus (8:1-36)
11. Faithless people: faithful God (9:1-15)
12. Not a happy ending (10:1-44)
1. When are we to build? (1:1-2)
2. A wake-up call (1:3-11)
3. At the centre (1:12-15)
4. Better days are coming! (2:1-9)
5. Count your blessings (2:10-19)
6. The best is yet to be (2:20-23)

Robert Fyall is Senior Tutor in Ministry for the Cornhill Training Course (Scotland). Formerly director of Rutherford House, a research, training and publishing center in Scotland for church leaders, he also taught Old Testament at St. John's College in Durham, England, in addition to pastoring a church there.