The Art of Helping Others

The Art of Helping Others

How Artists Can Serve God and Love the World

by Douglas C. Mann

The Art of Helping Others
  • Length: 138 pages
  • Published: January 03, 2014
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At the heart of it, what true artists do—whether in music or painting or film or simply the art of living—is a matter of creative incitement: by looking at the world in particular ways, they see it more clearly, and they invite the rest of us to see it more clearly, and to love it more perfectly.

In that respect, the life of faith is a matter of art—of creative enticement. The Christian's view of the world can inspire hope for the hopeless and redemptive action for people who have forgotten their responsibility to act. Mining his experiences as a missionary, a music industry professional and a visual artist, Douglas Mann offers this call to artists of every stripe—from musicians to missionaries and everywhere in between—to a life of creative incitement to the glory of God.

"The Art of Helping Others is a beautiful confession of sorts--an authentic, heart-moving memoir of joy, pain, sacrifice and hope. Privileged to have known Doug for over fifteen years, I've observed the journey that has inspired the passion he has for challenging how we live out our faith, how our creative natures intersect with following God's call, and finding joy and freedom in the mess of it all. He graciously beckons us all to become creative inciters."

Jenni Catron, executive director of Cross Point Church and author of Clout

"Douglas Mann has the hands of an artist and the heart of a pastor. This book will show you how there really is no difference. The artist is the new pastor."

Ben Arment, creator of Dream Year and the Story Conference

"This confrontational and encouraging tome sees the artist in every person and the potential for ministry and worship in every moment and life. Mann calls us to be creative inciters, claiming our 'birthright as one made in the image of our creator,' and reminds us that the pathway to life in Christ is death. 'Our opportunity as creative inciters is to worship by re-creating Christ's ministry of selflessness, self-sacrifice, and obedience to the will and purposes of God.' Mann advocates for a course (which will be unique for each of us) that will cost everything, yet yield freedom in Christ and the joy of living out our true identity."

Andrea Hunter, Worship Leader Magazine, January/February 2014

"Mann explores the meaning of Christian art and challenges readers to view all of life as art. Throughout his career, Mann has witnessed the potential of the arts to bridge culturally or ecumenically imposed barriers. By removing man-made classifications, the arts become a safe, common ground between the church and a community that sorely needs the Gospel. Recommend this book to those interested in pursuing the arts as a career, or as a group study, particularly for young adults."

Elizabeth Wisz, CBA Retailers + Resources, February 2014


Why This Book?

Part One: Awareness
1 The Something Worth Losing Everything For
2 Calling All Creative Inciters
3 Fishers of Zen

Part Two: Art
4 Worship as a Creative Lifestyle
5 Beyond Propaganda and Boxes
6 The Freedom to Create Dangerously

Part Three: Activism
7 Color Me Human
8 The God of Ordinary People
9 Come Die with Us

Appendix: Some Ways to Die with Us

Douglas C. Mann

Douglas Mann is a published songwriter and a former music business and book-publishing executive. He is an accomplished visual artist whose art can be found in collections throughout North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia. Douglas is drawn to exaggerated color to express the spontaneity and power of living in the moment and believes art is music frozen in time. He divides his time between Colorado and Ukraine.

BY Douglas C. Mann

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