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Talking Smack

Who's Talking to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol, If You're Not?

by Glenn Williams
Foreword by Jim Daly

Talking Smack
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  • Published: February 05, 2012
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Of all the things a parent worries about when their child is approaching the teen years, ruining their life and their friendships because of substance abuse is at the top. This fear is very real and many parents don't have a clue where to start. Talking Smack is full of practical tips and stories that will provide great encouragement to parents and show them why earlier rather than later is the time for them to take an active role on this vital issue.

Glenn Williams is the founder and CEO of Outward Looking International, a global leadership consulting business based in Queensland, Australia. Formerly the chief operating officer for Focus on the Family, Williams has extensive background in counseling youth and families. As a licensed psychologist and former pastor, Glenn co-authored the program How to Drug Proof Your Kids and was a consultant and contributing author to the parenting curriculum Starting Points. Williams has spoken broadly on topics such as marriage, parenting, family and leadership in almost 20 countries, including keynote presentations to UN ambassadors in New York and the Beijing Family Forum in 2008. He is coauthor with his wife, Natalie, of Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn. He is currently completing his doctorate in leadership and global perspectives through George Fox University, Oregon.

BY Glenn Williams