Series Editors: Scott W. Sunquist, Amos Yong and John R. Franke

Are you a scholar working in the field of missiology and mission theology who anticipates charting new trajectories and setting forth constructive contributions to the study and practice of Christian mission? Keep reading to see if your book proposal may be the right fit for Missiological Engagements: Church, Theology and Culture in Global Contexts.

Missiological Engagements charts interdisciplinary and innovative trajectories in the history, theology and practice of Christian mission at the beginning of the third millennium. Books in the series, both monographs and edited collections, feature contributions by leading thinkers representing evangelical, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox traditions, who work within or across the range of biblical, historical, theological, and social scientific disciplines. Authors and editors include the full spectrum of younger and emerging researchers to established and renowned scholars from the Euro-American West and the majority world, whose missiological scholarship will bridge church, academy, and society.

The following are some guiding questions for books in the Missiological Engagements series: What are the major opportunities and challenges for Christian mission in the twenty-first century? How does the missionary impulse of the gospel reframe theology and hermeneutics within a global and intercultural context? What kind of missiological thinking ought to be retrieved and reappropriated for a dynamic global Christianity? What innovations in the theology and practice of mission are needed for a renewed and revitalized Christian witness in a postmodern, postcolonial, postsecular and post-Christian world?

Distinctives of Missiological Engagements:

  • lays out the state-of-the-question on topics within the field of missiology and missional theology in relationship to other fields of inquiry
  • proposes innovations in missiology, mission and missional hermeneutics
  • works intentionally at the methodological level within one or more disciplines
  • contributes to Christian theology and praxis for the 21st century global cultural context
  • accessible to students and general readers

Prospective Authors

If you are a scholar working in this field and think your contribution would fit in Missiological Engagements, you are invited to submit a proposal to the series editors:

  • Scott W. Sunquist, Dean and Professor of the History of Christianity, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Amos Yong, Professor of Theology and Mission and Director of the Center for Missiological Research, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • John R. Franke, General Coordinator of The Gospel and Our Culture Network, Professor of Religious Studies and Missiology at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven, Belgium

Submit Your Proposal

To submit your manuscript for consideration for the Missiological Engagement Series, please answer the three questions below and attach your proposal. Please see our Submission Guidelines for a Proposal Checklist and other details.

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