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Steering Clear

Avoiding the Slippery Slope to Moral Failure

by Earl D. Wilson

Steering Clear
  • Length: 179 pages
  • Published: July 22, 2002
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2323-9
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Most people never plan on moral compromise.

Instead, it begins innocently and subtly, with a flirtatious conversation or the click of a mouse. The mind dwells on the temptation, and soon enough the fantasy becomes a reality. Then comes the downward spiral of rationalization and denial, of addiction and guilt. Though we may retreat into our defenses and ignore the red flags, inevitably the truth comes to light and we suffer the consequences. In the wake of the crash are shattered lives, broken marriages and ruined ministries.

As more and more Christians find themselves trapped in patterns of sexual, emotional and financial sin, the church desperately needs resources for prevention, intervention and restoration. Psychologist Earl D. Wilson provides a penetrating look at the slippery slope to moral failure, uncovering how our self-delusions fuel ethical compromise. With psychological and biblical insight he identifies how distorted thinking leads to secretive behavior, and he describes effective strategies for breaking bad habits. Only by bringing such things to light can we open the door to true repentence, change and freedom.

Here is practical help for those who want to get off and stay off the slippery slope, as well as hope and healing for those picking up the pieces after a crash. Though the road may not be easy, forgiveness and wholeness are possible. This book serves as an essential companion for those who want to live with integrity and those who minister to them.


1. The Slippery Slope
2. Understanding Basic Needs Personality Weaknesses
3. Secrecy, Social Isolation Self-Deception
4. Dualism Compartmentalism
5. Dangerous Thinking Errors
6. Identifying Distorted Thinking
7. Entitlement
8. Living in Fantasy: Losing Sight of the Real
9. Signs of Repentence
10. Everyday Considerations
11. Accepting the Call to Personal Holiness
12. Moving Off the Slippery Slope: Removing Oneself From Danger
Epilogue: A Word of Hope

Earl D. Wilson

Wilson, PhD, is a psychologist and counselor in private practice. An experienced conference speaker on issues of addiction and restoration, he has also previously taught part-time at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia (Canada).

BY Earl D. Wilson