Stay-at-Home Handbook

Stay-at-Home Handbook

Advice for Parenting, Finances, Career, Surviving Each Day Much More


by Cheryl Gochnauer

Stay-at-Home Handbook
  • Length: 204 pages
  • Published: February 15, 2002
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2336-9
  • Item Code: 2336
  • Case Quantity: 52

Is your "home number" your "work number" too?

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you know the workday never really ends. And every day brings both all-too-familiar challenges and unexpected joys. How do you keep it together--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Cheryl Gochnauer's previous book, So You Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom, helped parents consider what staying home requires and whether that choice was the best for them and their families. In this new guidebook Gochnauer tackles common--but often difficult--questions and challenges that beset stay-at-home parents:

  • retaining an individual identity
  • feeling appreciated
  • viewing childrearing as a valid career choice
  • spending wisely
  • resisting guilt
  • evaluating work-at-home opportunities
  • handling sibling rivalry
  • volunteering at your child's school
  • succeeding as a stay-at-home dad
  • avoiding the TV
  • getting help with chores
  • setting a godly example
  • nurturing your spiritual growth

Forty-two brief chapters cover a variety of topics and can each be read in about ten minutes. Gochnauer also includes an appendix on networking opportunities for stay-at-home parents and a helpful listing of ministries and organizations that offer parenting resources, services and conferences (all accessible on the Internet).

If you are a mom or dad at home part-time or full-time, you'll find immense encouragement--plus practical advice from one who has been there (and still is!)--in Stay-at-Home Handbook.

"Being a stay-at-home mom at times can be rewarding, frustrating, fulfilling, lonely and simply wonderful! Gochnauer understands its blessing and challenges firsthand, so her strategies to help other mothers succeed in this parenting path are practical, savvy and sound. If you and your family are contemplating making this move, you'll appreciate the balanced, insightful advice and handy resources Stay-at-Home Handbook provides."

Jane Johnson Struck, editor, Today's Christian Woman

"Cheryl Gochnauer understands the needs of the stay-at-home mom. In this handbook you'll find the practical tips, strategies and encouragement needed to make stay-at-home mothering all it can be! It is a must for any woman committed to the profession of motherhood!"

Jill Savage, author, Professionalizing Motherhood, founder of Hearts at Home

"Cheryl's expertise in maneuvering the obstacles of stay-at-home motherhood fills each page of this book. It is a must-read for any stay-at-home mom!"

Jonni McCoy, author of Miserly Moms

"Down-to-earth, user-friendly, often humorous advice to stay-at-home moms . . . plus easy-to-follow instructions for joining the ranks. Stay-at-Home Handbook is rich with motivation, inspiration and practical how-to advice. At a time when so many families are falling apart, this affirming guide has become a welcome addition to my library and deserves a home on the nightstand of every mother who has found, or hopes to find, staying home to be as valid a career choice as any other."

Mary Hunt, author of Debt-Proof Living and The Financially Confident Woman

"I'll take homemade over store bought any day, and that includes the family as well. Cheryl gives us the tools and encouragement needed to stay focused on that which is most important: our family, our faith in Christ and the vision God has placed in our hearts for a strong family. This is a must-read for any person committed to staying home."

Dr. Randy Carlson, president and host, Parent Talk OnCall




Part 1: Checking Your Attitude
1. I Am Woman Mommy Too
2. My Real Job
3. Don't Sweat It
4. There's Snow Place Like Home
5. Beyond "Ma-Ma" "Goo"
6. Savoring the Stay-at-Home Season
7. Put Mom in Time-Out
8. Disarming the Mommy Wars
9. So What Do You Do?

Part 2: Managing Your Money
10. Pride of the Penny Pinchers
11. Hark, The Herald Registers Ring
12. Garage Sale Etiquette
13. Money Under the Bed LIner
14. Single Stay-at-Home Parents

Part 3: Examining Your Work Options
15. Scheduling Quality Time
16. Delaying Your Departure
17. Mothering Other Women's Children
18. Part-Time Practicalities
19. Skip the Scams
20. Attack of the Killer Home Business

Part 4: Raising Your Children
21. The Long Arm of the Maw
22. Not In My House, You Don't
23. The Computer Ate My Homework
24. So Sue Me!
25. Beyond Barney Blud
26. I'm Still Here
27. Blending Families

Part 5: Exploring Their Education Choices
28. Public, Private or Homeschooling?
29. Homeschooling Hurdles
30. Classroom Helping Hands
31. Surviving the Last First Day of School

Part 6: Gaining Your Spouse's Support
32. A Kept Woman
33. He Works Hard for the Money
34. Daddy's Home

Part 7: Handling Household Responsibilites
35. Marathon Mom
36. Super Stay-at-Home Mome
37. Howework + Husband = Headache?
38. Never-at-Home Moms

Part 8: Sharing Your Faith
39. Latchkey Parents
40. Training Up a Child
41. Setting the Right Example
42. Feeding Your Spirit

Appendix: The Stay-at-Home Network

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Cheryl Gochnauer

Gochnauer (pronounced Golf-ner) is a stay-at-home mom living in Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband and two children. She developed the popular website to create a network for stay-at-home parents. She is a contributor to the stay-at-home-mom area at, and she has been a regular writer for the Kansas City Star.

BY Cheryl Gochnauer