Small Faith--Great God

Small Faith--Great God

by N. T. Wright

Small Faith--Great God
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  • Published: October 15, 2010
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In the midst of life's challenges, so often our faith feels small and weak. In this book one of the world's premier Bible teachers, N. T. Wright, reminds us that what matters is not so much our faith itself as Who our faith is in.

Faith, says Wright, is like a window. The point is not for part of the wall to be made of glass. The point of a window is to allow us to see through it--and let light into the room! Faith allows us to see our situation and our own weakness in light of God who is powerful, holy and loving.

Wright also looks at the character of the faith God calls us to. He unfolds how dependence, humility and mystery all have a role to play. God beckons us to lean on him as we seek to be constructive citizens of the world, to speak truth in love without hypocrisy and to risk submitting to one another in love.

Wright doesn't ignore the messiness and difficulties of life, when hard times come and the unexpected knocks us down. He opens to us what faith means in times of trial and even in the face of death.

Through it all he reminds us, it's not great faith we need: it is faith in a great God.

"N. T. Wright reminds us that Christian faith is neither a mere assent to certain facts nor a sentimental embrace of religious identity. Instead, Christian faith is always determined by its object. The size of our faith is not what matters, but the greatness of the God who has accepted us because of Christ's work on our behalf. This reissue of one of Wright's early works contains a message that may be more timely today than when it was first released in 1978."

Trevin Wax, Christianity Today, December 2010

"Anchored solidly in Scripture, Wright's book is easy to read, using helpful illustrations and analogies to support his explanations. This will make fantastic small-group material . . . Recommend this book to everyone, but especially to group leaders, class teachers, and pastors."

David Mundt, CBA Retailers Resources, November 2010


Part One: Faith in a Great God
1. Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor
2. Power to the Faint
3. Not By Sight
4. The Burning Bush
5. Holy is the Lord
6. Breakfast by the Shore
7. To Die for the People
8. God's Foolish Gospel

Part Two: Faith to Live and Love
9. Citizens of Jerusalem
10. Christian Hypocrites?
11. The Runaway Slave
12. When Friends Fall Out
13. The Mothers' Meeting
14. Faith for a Wedding
15. The Heart of the Matter

Part Three: Faith to Walk in the Dark
16. Bethlehem and the Barley Harvest
17. The Rainbow and the Promise
18. Faith before the Tomb
19. Though Painful at Present
20. Pie in the Sky?

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N. T. Wright is a prolific author, respected theologian, and former church minister. His books include Simply Christian, The Challenge of Jesus, and the N. T. Wright For Everyone Bible Study Guides.