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The Gift of Rest

LifeGuide Bible Studies

by Lynne M. Baab

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  • Published: October 20, 2011
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What is the sabbath? A weekly day of rest and worship. A day to rejoice in abundance. A day to practice thankfulness. A day to slow down, take a deep breath, step aside from work and worries, and let the world go on without us, knowing that God is caring for everyone and everything. In this eight-session LifeGuide® Bible Study you will learn more about what sabbath is and how to practice it. More people of all ages are finding the sabbath to be a gift from God that brings a renewed awareness of who God is and who we are as God's beloved children. Come and discover God's gift of rest.

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Getting the Most Out of Sabbath
1. An Invitation to Relax in Abundance - Genesis 1:1–2:3
2. An Invitation to Stop Working - Exodus 16:1-30
3. Finding Refreshment in the Beauty of Creation - Exodus
4. Discovering Delight in the Sabbath - Isaiah 58:13-14
5. A Gift for Us - Mark 2:23-28
6. We are Valuable and Precious - Matthew 12:9-14
7. Freed from Bondage - Luke 13:10-17
8. The Gift of Grace - Ephesians 2:1-10

Leader's Notes

Lynne M. Baab

Lynne M. Baab is the author of numerous books and Bible studies. A Presbyterian minister, she completed a PhD in communication at the University of Washington in 2007 and moved with her husband to Dunedin, New Zealand, where she taught pastoral theology at the University of Otago for ten years. She returned to her home city, Seattle, in 2017 and still supervises graduate students for her university in New Zealand. Lynne is the author of several novels and ten Christian books, including A Renewed Spirituality, Sabbath Keeping, Fasting, and Friending. She has written three LifeGuide Bible Studies: Prayers of the Old Testament, Prayers of the New Testament, and Sabbath: The Gift of Rest.