Restoring the Fallen

Restoring the Fallen

A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting Reconciling

by Earl D. Wilson, Sandy Wilson, Paul Friesen, Virginia Friesen, Larry Paulson, and Nancy Paulson

Restoring the Fallen
  • Length: 201 pages
  • Published: March 28, 1997
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1619-4
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When brothers and sisters in Christ fall into sin, how should the church respond? Very often, Christians stumble in their attempt to address this issue. Either they ignore the wrongdoing or they banish the wrongdoer. The authors of this groundbreaking book advocate another way: the spiritual care team.

A spiritual care team is a small group of mature Christians who voluntarily commit themselves to support and guide another through the process of repentance and restoration. This community-based and community-oriented approach emphasizes the importance of acknowledging sin, making repentance complete and reestablishing personal spiritual discipline.

Restoring the Fallen offers practical guidance on how to form a spiritual care team, as well as how to support the spouse and family of the one working through the process of restoration, how professional helpers and the whole church body might contribute to restoration, and how to provide ongoing care after the main work of the spiritual care team is complete. It is an essential book for pastors, counselors and church leaders.


1. The Day the Roof Fell In
2. Digging Out from the Rubble
3. Searching for an Escape-- Finding Hope
4. The Formation of the Spiritual Care Team
5. What Is Restoration?
6. Going Against the Grain
7. Consent for Surgery
8. Truth and Consequences
9. What About the Spouse Family?
10. The Role of Professional Helpers
11. The Church's Role in Restoration
12. Restoration the Healing Process
13. Aftercare
14. Restored to Full Ministry?

Epilogue: Looking Back

Appendix A: Spiritual Care Teams in Other Churches

Appendix B: Principles Regarding Sexual Addiction