Restoring Broken Vessels

Restoring Broken Vessels

Confronting the Attack on Female Sexuality

by Victoria L. Johnson
Foreword by Anna Lou Blevins

Restoring Broken Vessels
  • Length: 290 pages
  • Published: August 29, 2002
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5398-4
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Victoria L. Johnson helps women understand how Satan may use sex as a weapon to disable or defeat them. She shares how to get help, hope, healing and freedom from guilt, reminding women that God is still there for them offering his forgiveness and restoration.

"I believe every woman, regardless of her sexual past and present, can benefit from this book in understanding herself and other women, and moving toward God's best."

Brenda Jones Watkins, M.Ed., Counseling Department Chair, Triton College

"This book will give many women clear understanding of how sex has been used as a weapon by Satan against them. It provides instructions on how to get help, healing, hope and freedom from guilt."

Helen Harris, president and founder, Called to Leadership Training Conferences


About the Author
Section One: Satan's Attack on Little Girls
Chapter 1: Where It All Began
Chapter 2: Shame Originated in the Garden
Chapter 3: Normal Genital Exploration and Shame
Chapter 4: Satan's Fiery Dart Called Sex Abuse
Chapter 5: Families and Unidentified Victims
Chapter 6: The Effects of Sexual Abuse
Chapter 7: From Victim to Victor
Chapter 8: The Church and Sexual Abuse

Section Two: Satan's Attack on Teenage Girls
Chapter 9: Sex Education God's Way
Chapter 10: Talking to Our Girls About Sex
Chapter 11: Ungodly Sex Education in Public Schools
Chapter 12: Teen Girls Are Hungry for Love
Chapter 13: Clearing Up the Love/Lust Confusion
Chapter 14: Stopping Generational Curses
Chapter 15: Practical Help for Teenage Girls
Chapter 16: Broken Teens and Other Dilemmas

Section Three: Satan's Attack on the Single Woman
Chapter 17: The Enemy's Plan for the Single Woman
Chapter 18: Without a Mate but Not Alone
Chapter 19: The Single Woman with a Tainted Past
Chapter 20: Countering Satan's Attack on Singles

Section Four: Satan's Attack on Married and Older Women
Chapter 21: Intimacy in Marriage
Chapter 22: Lies Satan Tells to the Married Woman
Chapter 23: Battling Satan During Mid-Life
Chapter 24: Sexually Alive and Over
Chapter 25: Conclusion
Appendix: Resources

Victoria L. Johnson

Victoria L. Johnson, a writer and speaker based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been involved in Christian education and women's ministry for more than two decades. She has served as a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member, as assistant director of a crisis pregnancy center, and as a Moody Bible Institute Extension instructor. She is currently working with several social service agencies in the African American community, including Sojournah Truth House (a domestic violence agency), CareNet of Milwaukee (a crisis pregancy center), Bethany Christian Services (sexual abstinence program), and New Horizon Center (a group home for boys). Johnson's books include Sister's Guide to In-Depth Bible Study and Restoring Broken Vessels. She teaches nationally and internationally on women's Bible study, sexual issues, and emotional pain.

BY Victoria L. Johnson