Resources for Reconciliation

Resources for Reconciliation

Resources for Reconciliation pair leading theologians with on-the-ground practitioners to produce fresh literature to energize and sustain Christian life and mission in a broken and divided world. This series of brief books works in the intersection between theology and practice to help professionals, leaders and everyday Christians live as ambassadors of reconciliation.

Resources for Reconciliation
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  • Length: 7 volumes
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3450-1
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"A remarkable and worthwhile contribution to the ongoing conversation concerning the proclamation of the Christian Gospel and social justice. . . . I benefited greatly from my own reading of the books and recommend them highly for classroom use, as well as use by local churches seeking direction for being more strategic in thinking and ministry."

John Nyquist, International Bulletin of Missionary Research36, no. 4
Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice
Charles Marsh and John M. Perkins
Christopher L. Heuertz and Christine D. Pohl
L. Gregory Jones and Célestin Musekura
Samuel Wells and Marcia A. Owen
Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba
Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier

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