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Developing Your Next Generation of Church Leaders

by Steve Saccone
With Cheri Saccone
Foreword by Mark Batterson

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  • Published: May 15, 2012
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Have you as a leader ever wished for more hands-on development and mentoring from a ministry veteran? Wouldn't that kind of investment accelerate, deepen and intensify your leadership skills and impact?

God is raising up a generation of young ministry leaders--protégés—who need guidance in their calling to serve and lead people in the pursuit of God. These protégés need our help.

Steve Saccone has a history of being part of this calling to help the called. With over a decade of leadership development experience, he has, through God's help, catalyzed the growth and character of protégés around the globe. In this book Saccone shows how you can raise up leaders from within your own community and develop them into passionate, faithful servants of God. You will be personally challenged to grow as you discover how to cultivate a culture of leadership development in your ministry.

In a sense we are all protégés who have much to learn and much to teach—and we can either help those who are behind us or seek help from those who are ahead of us. Along the way, we'll watch the kingdom grow in our midst.

"Gallup's data shows that the well-being of cities and communities around the world is contingent upon leaders who are willing to help awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of next-generation leaders. I have had the privilege to coach some of the alumni of The Protege Program and truly believe that what Steve shares in Protégé is a must-have tool guide for leaders to fully leverage the talents and strengths of those they lead."

Jeremy Pietrocini, church planter and global director of Client Impact, Gallup

"If you're a leader who cares about developing other leaders around you, please read Protégé! It's practical, insightful, comprehensive and rooted in real life. Protégé provides a road map for creating a culture—the fruit of which is Christ-centered leaders who reproduce Christ-centered leaders."

Jim Mellado, president, Willow Creek Association

"For an entire generation of church leaders (mine), this book is what you need for the final third of your ministry. The future of the church depends on its leaders taking seriously their responsibility and joy to mentor the next generation of leaders. As I read this book, I am amazed at the holistic approach Steve takes toward leadership development. He challenges more seasoned leaders to engage with younger leaders and plumb the depths of sin, healthy leadership, the gospel and the church. The result is an unleashing of God's amazing gifts into his world, through the men and women he designed to lead it. And I'm not just impressed with and excited about this very necessary book . . . I know Steve. I've worked with him and he authentically lives out the pages he has written. Perhaps that is the highest praise of all."

Nancy Ortberg, author of Non-Linear Leadership

"I wish I had received the kind of mentoring this book describes when I was a protégé. Now that I find myself as a coach in a season of investing in the next generation of leaders, this book equips me with wisdom, practical ideas and guidelines for a process that is by nature more an art than a science."

Nancy Beach, author of Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church

"When Steve Saccone speaks on leadership development I want to listen. He does not just write in theory in this book, but he has a proven track record of serving with young leaders. Our church had Steve consult with us and we modeled our intern program based on Steve's ideas. What you will read in this book has proven to be extremely effective. This isn't just another leadership theory book for unique and the extreme ideal situations. This is birthed and written from the front lines of working with young leaders in the reality of today's world."

Dan Kimball, author, They Like Jesus but Not the Church, professor, George Fox University

"I sure wish I had had this book back when I was first figuring out leadership on the ground as a young church planter! Steve has made a remarkable contribution with this volume. Not only has he diagnosed the need of young leaders, he has offered some serious help in what to do about it. At the same time, Steve is dead-on right about some pitfalls and temptations that plague the dark side of young leaders. Protégé is a must-read for young kingdom leaders—and for those of us who work with them!"

Reggie McNeal, author, A Work of Heart and Practicing Greatness

"Steve doesn't just know about what it means to have leaders invest in leaders; he has lived the reality of it. Here is a helpful guide in one of the great areas of the church's need."

John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

"This is an incredibly important conversation, one that Steve has been pioneering for more than a decade. His experience can teach all of us how to foster successes and learn from our failures, how to create innovative ways to become more missional and meaningful to the world around us, and how to provide practical hands-on training that will equip emerging ministry leaders to be a force in the future of the church."

From the foreword by Mark Batterson, lead pastor, National Community Church, Washington, DC


Foreword by Mark Batterson
The Protégé Narrative: An Introduction
1. Building Kingdom Cultures
Part 1: Character--Four Deadly Sins of Emerging Leaders
2. The Sin of Imitation: Envy
3. The Sin of Overconfidence: Foolishness
4. The Sin of Entitlement: Greed
5. The Sin of Performance: Self-Reliance
Part 2: Relationships--Three Critical Tensions of Relational Leadership
6. The Tension of Commitment: Overcommitters and Underdeliverers
7. The Tension of Conflict: Avoiders and Evokers
8. The Tension of Attachment: Overattachers and Detachers
Part 3: Mission--The Movement of the Gospel
9. Gospel Momentum
10. Gospel Conversations
11. Gospel Community
Part 4: Communication--The Connectivity of the Poet
12. Developing Your Communication Gift
13. Communicating with a Missional Lens
Part 5: Entrepreneurial Leadership--The Power of Possibility
14. Kingdom Entrepreneurs
15. The Pre-Church Experience
Epilogue: One Last Thing

Steve Saccone

Steve Saccone is a director of leadership development at The Highway Community in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he trains and develops emerging leaders, staff and volunteers. A specialist in leadership development and inner life formation, he also founded and directed The Protégé Program, a global leadership experience for future entrepreneurs, church planters and spiritual leaders. He was on staff at Mosaic in Los Angeles, served at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, and has been a consultant with the Leadership Connection, Monvee, and the Gallup Organization. He is the author of Relational Intelligence, and he and his wife, Cheri, are the parents of two boys.

BY Steve Saccone