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Praying the Psalms of Jesus
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  • Published: August 20, 2009
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At key moments in his life on earth, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, turned to the Psalms for words to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. It is not hard to imagine Jesus, his mind and heart saturated with the words and thoughts of the Psalms as they were prayed aloud in the Temple, going off early in the morning to pray. How much must he have mouthed the words of the Psalms and given them a fulfillment? They became his answering speech to his heavenly Father.

In these pages you will discover how the psalms that relate closely to the mission of Jesus can also become our answering speech. We will begin our journey into the mind of Christ by immersing ourselves in several psalms which Jesus himself refers to and fulfills. And then in the second half of the book, we will immerse ourselves in psalms that Jesus would have meditated on during his time on earth, focusing on the heart and mind of Jesus as he prayed the psalms. Structural analysis of each psalm will help us grow our ability to read the Psalms. The guided personal prayer liturgy with each chapter will help us go deeper in the experience of praying the Psalms.

Through these psalms we will discover more of the human life of our Lord and Savior. And in the process we will discover more of who we are as we come before our holy God.

Also included: a group discussion and prayer experience to accompany each chapter.

"Sire is a gentle teacher, injecting touches of humor, so that despite the seriousness of the material and intensity of commitment required to grasp the content, there is a personable writer inviting us on a journey."

Carolyn Egolf, Congregational Libraries Today, May/June 2008

"A very good tool for reminding the reader of the human life of Christ, as well as the life and journey of each human being."

Anna Marie Kane, SSJ, Catholic Library World, June 2009

"Church leaders, pastors and teachers of adult Sunday School classes may find this work very helpful for a more complete understanding of these nine Psalms."

Libraries Alive, June 2008

"Tying Old and New Testament together in joyous proclamation of our Lord, Praying the Psalms of Jesus makes appealing, challenging food for Christian group and/or individual study. While many of the ideas demand deep thought, the narrative is clear and uncomplicated, presented by an author who obviously has great affection for the Psalms."

Donna Eggett, Christian Book Previews, February 2008

"I found reading Praying the Psalms of Jesus a way for meditation as well as a study giving me new insights into relating the Old and New Testaments."

Elaine Rodning, The Lamplighter, February 2008

"Sire's educated insights allow readers to delve into the Scriptures and glean new meaning from the passages."

CBA Retailers Resources, September 2007

"Sire's primary purpose is to deepen our prayer, and he serves this end with solid scholarship and spiritual insight."

People of the Book Blog, Oct. 21, 2007


Introduction: Knowing Jesus by Praying the Psalms

Part 1. Jesus in the Psalms
1. Jesus: Abandoned and Exalted--Psalm 22
2. A King and Priest Forever--Psalm 10
3. The Stone the Builders Rejected--Psalm 118
4. You are My Son--Psalm 2
5. Zeal for Your House--Psalm 69

Part 2. The Psalms in Jesus
6. He Rides Upon the Storm--Psalm 29
7. The Lord is My Shepherd--Psalm 23
8. Ride on O King Eternal--Psalm 45
9. How Long Will You Be Angry?--Psalm 80

Epilogue: Apologetics and the Psalms of Jesus
Appendix: Guide for Small Group Leaders


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James W. Sire

James W. Sire (1933–2018) was a widely-respected apologist, author, and lecturer who served for more than thirty years as senior editor at InterVarsity Press. He is the author of more than twenty books, including the seminal apologetics title The Universe Next Door, which was first published in 1976 and has sold over 350,000 copies in five editions and has been translated into eighteen foreign languages. Sire's teaching and books often covered the concepts of worldview and Christian apologetics. His many books include The Universe Next Door, Apologetics Beyond Reason, Beginning with God, Scripture Twisting, Discipleship of the Mind, Chris Chrisman Goes to College, Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All?, Habits of the Mind, Naming the Elephant, Learning to Pray Through the Psalms, Why Good Arguments Often Fail, and A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics.