Practical Help for Stressed Christians Published By SPCK

Practical Help for Stressed Christians

by Andrew Procter and Elizabeth Procter

Practical Help for Stressed Christians
  • Length: 150 pages
  • Published: August 20, 2015
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-2810-7242-2
  • Item Code: P07242
  • Case Quantity: 16

Stress is now a huge factor in modern living, with one-third of British workers likely to suffer from it at some stage in their careers. Christians are not immune. Indeed it is arguable that they are even more vulnerable to overstress or burnout than secular people because of behavioral expectations relating to God, Church, society, work, and the prevailing culture.

In order to address these particularities, each short chapter in this engaging book responds to a commonly asked question or typical statement, such as

  • "How can I tell if I'm overstressed?"
  • "I'm so disillusioned and swamped at work. I don't know how long I can carry on."
  • "I'm not managing time for God as I used to."

The authors then offer basic information, followed by material for meditation or reflection, encouragement of some sort, and finally something for the reader to work on.