• Length: 160 pages
  • Published: February 15, 2008
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  • ISBN: 978-1-8447-4251-6
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I was in the act of throwing away my family's rubbish while holidaying on a beautiful island when I heard God speak. I could easily have missed it, but an inner whisper asked, "How do you think I feel about what you are doing to my world?"

Since the day God challenged him, Dave Bookless has been on a mission: to share with others the compelling biblical case for caring for the planet God made for his glory and his people's enjoyment.

This is not another book on green issues to make you feel guilty. The message is that there is hope. God can take your small and insignificant efforts and multiply them in his great plan.

Dave takes us right into the heart of his family and shows how living simply, besides honouring God, can be an exciting adventure.

Dave is director of theology at A Rocha, and has previously served the organization as international trustee, cofounder, and national director. His role as director of theology includes providing advice and resources for ARI's trustees, team and national A Rocha organizations, and coordinating liaison with international theological and mission networks and organizations. He is also studying part-time for a PhD at Cambridge University on biblical theology and biodiversity conservation. Dave's passion is communicating biblical teaching to today's cultures, and he has spoken in many countries to conferences, colleges and churches. He has contributed to many books and has authored two: Planetwise—Dare to Care for God's World and God Doesn't do Waste.

BY Dave Bookless

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