Paradigm Lost

Paradigm Lost

Rediscovering God's Plan for Spiritual Harvest

by Howard L. Foltz and Ruth A. Ford
Foreword by Ted Haggard

Paradigm Lost
  • Length: 242 pages
  • Published: December 01, 2004
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5729-6
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In our society dominated by technology, have we lost the ability to understand fully what Jesus meant when he used the words sowing, reaping and harvesting in relation to evangelism?

There is a timelessness in the teachings of Jesus as he purposely chose agrarian language "sowing, reaping, harvesting" when he taught his disciples. We recognize these words but have lost first-hand experience with them in our urban lives. Jesus used these words not only because they came from the culture of the time but because they were vital to illustrate the organic nature of growing God's kingdom.

Sometimes the best way forward is to go back. The best way to move forward in evangelism is to go back to an agrarian mindset that is all but lost in our fast-paced, technocratic world. In Paradigm Lost, author Dr. Howard Foltz explains how technology has reshaped our worldview and then he takes us back through agricultural processes, giving them spiritual application. This book is a call to the church to restore the harvest mentality of Jesus' words and gives step-by-step examples of how to implement this farming paradigm for more effective evangelism in our neighborhoods, our country and the world.

Howard Foltz is professor emeritus of Global Evangelization at Regent University in Virgina and founder and president of Accelerating International Mission Strategies, which helps mobilize Western and indigenous churches to mission.

BY Howard L. Foltz

Ruth Ford earned degrees at Asbury College and Regent University. She has worked as a freelance writer on several books, articles and curricula.

BY Ruth A. Ford