Two Guides Every Missions Team Needs

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Preparing for a Trip?

  • Take your team through a 10-week course to prepare for your experience
  • Use Short-Term Missions Workbook to learn cross-cultural principles, face common fears, avoid adopting a tourist mentality, and other helpful tips.

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Returning from a Trip?

  • Read After the Trip and reflect on your experience from your time away together
  • Debrief with your team as you go through re-entry and begin to integrate what you've learned into your life after you've returned.   

Equip Your Whole Mission Team with These Practical Resources

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Short-Term Missions Workbook

Short-Term Missions Workbook

From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens

by Tim Dearborn

Going on a short-term missions trip can be a life-transforming experience, but it can also involve weeks of physical and spiritual challenges. In this revised and expanded ten-week course, you will find a concise summary of crosscultural principles, help in facing spiritual warfare, tips on avoiding a tourist mentality, spiritual preparation through individual or group Bible study, and discussion and reflection questions.

Number of Studies: 10

After the Trip

After the Trip

Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience

by Cory Trenda
Foreword by Tim Dearborn

Can a one-time crosscultural experience truly be life-changing? Veteran trip leader and intercultural guide Cory Trenda provides a unique guide for individuals and teams to make the most of a crosscultural trip after returning home. Combining practical tips, reflections, and stories from decades of experience, this is an essential resource for those who want crosscultural trips to be a catalyst for lasting good.