IVP Values Multiethnicity

IVP has demonstrated a commitment to diversity since the very beginning of our history. Throughout our organization, we care deeply about publishing, employing, and empowering people of color in all aspects of our ministry. We have intentionally published and pursued authors of color for decades, as well as consistently addressing issues of justice, race, and ethnic identity through our books. We also appreciate learning from authors who are people of color on issues and topics that speak to the whole church.

Our organizational commitment to multiethnicity is one of our core values, and it’s also an approach that is unique in the world of Christian publishing. Dr. Theon Hill, assistant professor at Wheaton College and an expert in race and ethnicity, recently spoke with our staff about the unique challenges and hopes for diversity in the publishing world. You can listen to his address here. 

Starting Reading These Books By Authors of Color

Jay Y. Kim
Sheila Wise Rowe
S. Joshua Swamidass
Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah

A Sampling of Our Recent Authors of Color