What could be better than celebrating Christmas with a generous heart? During this season, we have the opportunity to share God's love and kindness with those in our families, our communities, and around the world. There are so many ways to give—it might look like volunteering our time and talents, sending an encouraging note to a loved one, or donating our resources.

To connect you with practical ideas for giving, we've gathered some ministries near and dear to our authors' hearts that are worthy of your support. Our authors don't just write books—they are practitioners, teachers, and leaders within some incredible organizations. We're happy to shine a light on these nonprofits in order to bolster the kingdom work they are doing all over the world. Take a look below to learn more and make a donation.

Another way to give is to shop our Christmas book list! Not only will you save up to 50% on some amazing books but you'll also receive a beautifully designed Christmas postcard to send to a friend for free with any purchase. That's just another way you can share joy with those you love this holiday season.

International Relief & Development

Sometimes it feels like we're too far removed to really make a difference in the lives of people in distant countries. But that's why partnering with these organizations is so important—when we support them, they can provide tangible support to those in need, all around the world! Many of these ministries also work with governing authorities to pass policies and laws that will continue to better the lives of those they support.

Community-Based Ministries

No one knows the needs of a community better than those who call that community home! These ministries were formed by those who work, live, raise families, and worship in the neighborhoods they serve. They're perfectly positioned to care about the unique needs of the community, advocating from a place of mutual concern and devotion to their city.

Equip Churches, Pastors, and Ministries Around the World

One of the greatest ways to affect change in the world is to strengthen the ministry of the church! When pastors, churches, and local ministries are equipped with robust theological training and resources, they are better able to share God's love with those in their care. If you want to see the expansion of God's kingdom, support the church by giving to these organizations.

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