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History, Politics and Culture

Faithful Disobedience

Faithful Disobedience

Writings on Church and State from a Chinese House Church Movement

by Wang Yi
Edited by Hannah Nation and J. D. Tseng
Foreword by Ian Johnson

In this important body of theology, key writings from the Chinese house church movement have been compiled, translated, and made accessible to English speakers. This unique resource will be valuable to practical and political theologians and anyone interested in international relations, political philosophy, history, and intercultural studies.

Biblical Studies and Theology

The Samaritan Woman's Story

The Samaritan Woman's Story

Reconsidering John 4 After #ChurchToo

by Caryn A. Reeder

Most Christians are familiar with this picture of the woman at the well: a sinner, an adulteress, even a prostitute. Exploring the reception history of John 4, Caryn Reeder challenges common interpretational assumptions about women and sexuality, yielding fresh insights from the story's original context and offering a bold challenge to teach the Bible in a way that truly values the voices of women.

Ministry and Leadership

Buried Talents

Buried Talents

Overcoming Gendered Socialization to Answer God's Call

by Susan Harris Howell
Foreword by Mimi Haddad

If God calls women to lead, what holds them back? Using social science research and interviews, Susan Harris Howell examines how gendered messages inside and outside the church pull men toward leadership and women away from it. As opportunities for women continue to expand, Howell provides compelling guidance for how we can remove obstacles that keep women from fully using their gifts.

Christian Living

Josey Johnson's Hair and the Holy Spirit

Josey Johnson's Hair and the Holy Spirit

by Esau McCaulley
Illustrated by LaTonya Jackson

When Josey wonders why people are so different, Dad helps her understand that our differences aren't a mistake. In fact, we have many differences because God is creative! Children and the adults who read with them are invited to join Josey as she learns of God's wonderfully diverse design. Also included is a note from the author to encourage further conversation about the content.

Spiritual Formation

Having the Mind of Christ

Having the Mind of Christ

Eight Axioms to Cultivate a Robust Faith

by Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke

Despite our deep desire to live in the freedom that Christ offers, we are acutely aware of the gap between a transformed life and our reality. While behavioral changes can bear good results, true transformation requires a change in paradigm. Pastors Matt Tebbe and Ben Sternke share eight axioms that help us open ourselves to the transformational change that God wants for our lives.

Justice and Missions

Faithful Antiracism

Faithful Antiracism

Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change

by Christina Barland Edmondson and Chad Brennan
Foreword by Korie Little Edwards and Michael O. Emerson

Racism presents itself as an undefeatable foe—a sustained scourge on the reputation of the church. Drawing on brand-new research, Christina Barland Edmondson and Chad Brennan remind us that Christ has overcome the world and offer clear analysis and interventions to challenge and resist racism's pernicious power, equipping readers to move past talk and enter the fight in practical and hopeful ways.

2022 IVP Readers' Choice Award Finalists

Paul D. Miller
Andrew Abernethy
William Edgar
Mark A. Yarhouse and Julia A. Sadusky
Jackson W.
Trevin Wax
Dean Flemming
David T. Lamb
Beth Birmingham and Eeva Sallinen Simard
Mark D. Baker
Winfield Bevins
Susan L. Maros
Lacy Finn Borgo
Jay Y. Kim
Bridget Gee
Sabrina S. Chan and Linson Daniel and E. David de Leon and La Thao
Kelly Flanagan
Gem Fadling
Alan Fadling
Ruth Haley Barton
Michelle Ferrigno Warren
Jenny Booth Potter
Eric Costanzo and Daniel Yang and Matthew Soerens
Mekdes Haddis