Operation World Professional DVD-ROM
Operation World Professional DVD-ROM
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  • Published: December 13, 2011
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The enhanced professional DVD-ROM edition, published by Global Mapping International, is a high-powered research and mobilization platform that takes the 7th edition of Operation World beyond your bookshelf and empowers you to bring the data to life as you minister with others.

What comes on the DVD?

The Operation World DVD contains:

  • Fully searchable, full-color PDF and epub versions of Operation World
  • Extended information on each country giving you new insights to share
  • Multi-media content including video and PowerPoint presentations
  • Extended rights to reproduce content for your school or ministry
  • Additional maps, charts and data tables not available in the printed book

The Operation World Professional DVD-ROM gives you more than 10,000 files of Operation World information.

"For years I have used Operation World to pray for people in every tongue, tribe and nation. Operation World is a time-honored and well-tested global manual of prayer that will provide you with everything you need to bring the nations of the world before the throne of God. It will expand your heart, vision and passion for the peoples of the world and God's deep desire to reach those in the darkest corners with his help and hope."

Joni Eareckson Tada, author of A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty

"Outside of the Bible, no book has had a greater practical impact on my personal prayer life than Operation World. God has used this book to open my eyes and the eyes of the church I pastor to the needs of the world and the greatness of the God who desires to make his glory known in the world. I eagerly welcome this new edition and wholeheartedly recommend it."

David Platt, author of Radical

"In the world of missions, I know of nothing more significant than Operation World, when it comes to learning about the need, opportunity and prayer points for world evangelism."

K. P. Yohannan, Gospel for Asia

"A veritable source of mission information about the status of the remaining task and a tool that brings together in one volume detailed update that inspires passion for the unreached and stirs up hearts to intercede."

Reuben Ezemadu, Movement for African National Initiatives

"An invaluable source of background information on every country we work in . . . . It has provided an objective platform of information that combines well with our own experiential perceptions in the task of strategic planning."

Christopher J. H. Wright, author of The Mission of God

"This is probably one of the most important missionary tools in the entire history of missions."

George Verwer, Operation Mobilization

"The scope and thoroughness of the research done by Jason Mandryk and his colleagues is truly commendable."

Joseph D'souza, Dalit Freedom Network

"A tremendously useful resource that I use personally, with my family and in my ministry."

Geoff Tunnicliffe, World Evangelical Alliance


The complete text of Operation World, 7th edition, PDF, including country profiles, prayer information, statistics, maps and charts, plus:

  • Praying for Special Ministries
  • Links to hundreds of mission agencies across the globe

The complete text of Operation World, 7th edition, ePUB format for use on portable devices

Nearly 2 hours of MP4 video, including:
  • The State of the Gospel presentation by Jason Mandryk, 66 min.
  • Jason Mandryk. Interview with Patrick Johnstone, 26 min.
  • Jason Mandryk Interviews with members of the OW team, 15 min.

State of the Gospel presentation, 43 slides, PPT

Animated global map presentations showing:
  • the growth of Christianity from 1900-2025, 27 slides PPT
  • the spread of Evangelicals from 1960-2010, 12 slides PPT

Introductory 4-slide PowerPoint presentation for each country and region, highlighting key information for prayer 965 slides, PPT

Handout for each country and region, featuring the complete prayer profiles from the book, 231 profiles, PDF

Full-color, enlarged thematic world maps from the OW book, and additional custom maps, 28 maps, PDF, PNG, EPS

Full-color, enlarged, political maps of each country and region, 463 maps, PDF, PNG, EPS

Full-color, enlarged charts for each country and region and the world, including hundreds of charts not printed in the book, 958 charts, PDF, PNG, EPS

Flag of each country 236 flags GIF (high-res and low-res)

Operation World data sets for each country and region:
  • Statistical data from the printed book, 261 tables, XLS
  • Extended Religions tables, 234 tables, XLS
  • Extended Denominations tables, 246 tables, XLS, XLSX, HTM
  • Extended Christian TransBlocs tables, 233 tables, XLS

Global time-series adjusted data (5-yr intervals) by country and region for:
  • Religions, 2 tables, XL
  • Christian TransBlocs, 2 tables, XLS
  • Global Mission Agency Directory, 1 table, XLS, HTM
  • Source list for the Operation World database, XLS

A growing set of online DVD Bonus Content, including (as of 7-Jan-2011):
  • Charts, 59 charts, PDF
  • Maps, 42 maps, PDF
  • Tables, 57 tables, PDF

"Build Your Own Operation World Map"--Online access to an unlimited number of user-created, custom PDF maps specifying geographic location, colors, data categories, etc. Choose from five Operation World themes: Percent Evangelical, Number of Evangelicals, Evangelical Growth Rate, Percent Christian, Percent Muslim.

Jason Mandryk

A master's graduate in global Christian studies from Providence College and Theological Seminary in Canada, Jason Mandryk sensed that God was putting in him a more global calling to see the big picture, to analyze the trends, and to communicate the global challenge to the church. Jason coauthored the sixth edition of Operation World, released in 2001, with Patrick Johnstone. A regular speaker at mission events, Jason specializes in mission mobilizing, focusing on the biblical basis for mission and weighing strategic considerations for mission today and in the future.

BY Jason Mandryk