New Dictionary of Theology
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New Dictionary of Theology

The Master Reference Collection

Edited by Sinclair B. Ferguson, J. I. Packer, and David F. Wright

New Dictionary of Theology
  • Length: 738 pages
  • Published: February 26, 1988
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1400-8
  • Item Code: 1400
  • Case Quantity: 8

  • An Eternity 1988 Book of the Year

Since its publication, the New Dictionary of Theology has rapidly established itself as a standard, authoritative reference work in systematic and historical theology. More than 630 articles cover a variety of theological themes, thinkers and movements:

  • from creation to the millennium
  • from Abelard to Zwingli
  • from Third World liberation theology to South African Dutch Reformed theology

Firmly anchored in the evangelical tradition, the NDOT is nevertheless wide-ranging in its scope. Over 200 contributors, experts in their individual fields, offer both Western and international perspective. Concise and comprehensive, biblically grounded and historically informed, even-handed and free from unduly technical language, this dictionary has been praised by general readers, pastors and scholars.

"The values of this work are many. The philosophical articles are most helpful, as are the ones on different heresies which have plagued the Church for the past two thousand years. The text is readable, and even a casual perusal of this work will enrich the reader's understanding of his/her heritage."

Journal of Psychology and Theology

"Recommended for students, teachers and ministers. . . . A worthy addition to any library."

Christian Scholars Review

"The contributors should be applauded loudly. They have condensed often arcane and bewildering terminology into easily understandable terms . . . [with] sound, no-nonsense scholarship and laudatory lack of trendism."

Philosophy Religion


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