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More Than Just Pretty

Discover Your True Value, Beauty, and Purpose

by Jessie Faerber

More Than Just Pretty
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: August 07, 2018
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  • ISBN: 978-0-2810-7786-1
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In today's world, youth are growing up in a society where social media is an integral part of their sense of self. But what are the repercussions of this, and how can we teach young girls where their true worth and identity is found?

Jessie Faerber sets out to put the record straight and redefine how girls see themselves. Highlighting the pervasiveness of selfies, the distortion of beauty on social media, and the chase after perfectionism, she offers hope amidst the pressures of internet perfection and reaffirms our identity as God's masterpiece: original, exquisite, and of infinite value.



1. Value
Am I who I know? Friendships/popularity/family/boys
Am I what I achieve? School
Am I what I look like? We are more than our image
Be You: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)

2. Beauty
Am I enough? Model culture—nobody's perfect
Am I pretty? Instagram perfection culture, comparison
Am I a selfie queen? Social media
Be Beautiful: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)

3. Purpose
Am I what has happened to me?
Am I happy? Inner critic, don't worry
Am I significant? Future plans, dreaming, the journey
Be a Dreamer: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)

4. #AskJessie - social media wave, final advice, further support


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