Making Life Work
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Making Life Work

Putting God's Wisdom into Action

by Bill Hybels

Making Life Work
  • Length: 214 pages
  • Published: September 1998
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1788-7
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The world overflows with information, data and knowledge. But you find precious little wisdom.

Wisdom is what you desperately need when faced with a challenge at work, a problem at home, a conflict with friends or a crisis within yourself.

  • What factors are critical to achieving your life goals?
  • How can you get a friendship back on track?
  • Why is it so hard to trust God in problem situations?
  • How can you make a difference in the marketplace?
  • How should you respond to someone who is angry with you?
  • What is the surprising result of helping others?
  • How can you establish a sound financial foundation?

To answer questions like these, you want wisdom--sound advice from someone you respect, someone who knows how to succeed and how to deal with failure, someone who sees clearly the consequences of different courses of action. That's what pastor Bill Hybels has found in the book of Proverbs, and that's what he offers to his congregation and now to you. Here is advice that has been tested for centuries and found true about how to put God's wisdom into action in your life.

If you feel that there's nothing so rare as common sense, this book is for you!


1. Pursue Wisdom
2. Take Initiative
3. Do Good
4. Develop Discipline
5. Speak Truth
6. Choose Friends Wisely
7. Marry Well
8. Forge Strong Families: Part One
9. Forge Strong Families: Part Two
10. Cultivate Compassion
11. Manage Anger
12. Trust God in Everything
Questions for Reflection Discussion


Bill Hybels is founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago suburbs, where over 15,000 attend each weekend. He has written a number of books, including Honest to God, Becoming a Contagious Christian, Making Life Work, Too Busy Not to Pray, Just Walk Across the Room, Holy Discontent, Courageous Leadership, and Who You Are When No One's Looking.

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