Living Mission

Living Mission

The Vision and Voices of New Friars

Edited by Scott A. Bessenecker
Foreword by Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Living Mission
  • Length: 176 pages
  • Published: September 01, 2010
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3633-8
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There is a new trend afoot, one that goes against the prevailing Western model, influenced by the values and principles of international commerce. Presented here are five "signs of life," showcased by this network of movements best referred to as "new friars."

God's kingdom in the hands of the people of God, the contributors to this book show us, is first and foremost incarnational, which leads necessarily to gospel witness that is devotional, communal, missional and marginal. With a survey of the history of new friar movements and commentary by forerunner, this seminal book, edited by Scott A. Bessenecker, paints a picture of mission that is new only because it has been neglected for so long, a mission that is truly good news to the people in its path. With contributions from Viv Grigg, Craig and Nayhouy Greenfield, Derek Engdahl, Jean-Luc Krieg, Chris Heuertz, Darren Prince, Jose Penate Aceves, John Hayes and Ash Barker, this book brings together a chorus of voices at the front lines of what God is doing through the new friar community.


Foreword, Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
1 A New Wineskin, Scott Bessenecker
2 Hovering Spirit, Creative Voice, Empowered Transformation: A Retrospective, Viv Grigg
3 Incarnational: The First Sign, Craig and Nayhouy Greenfield
4 Missional: The Second Sign, Derek Engdahl and Jean-Luc Krieg
5 Marginal: The Third Sign, Chris Heuertz and David Chronic
6 Devotional: The Fourth Sign, Phileena Heuertz and Darren Prince
7 Communal: The Fifth Sign, José Peñate Aceves and John Hayes
Epilogue: Challenges and Possibilities for a New Generation of Mission Workers, Ash Barker
About the Contributors

Scott A. Bessenecker

Scott Bessenecker is associate director for missions for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and author of several books, including The New Friars: The Emerging Movement Serving the World's Poor. He sends more than two thousand students each year on short-term mission experiences in a number of urban poor locations around the world. Scott's blog, The Least of These, is at