Keeping God's Earth

Keeping God's Earth

The Global Environment in Biblical Perspective

Edited by Noah J. Toly and Daniel I. Block

Keeping God's Earth
  • Length: 300 pages
  • Published: May 26, 2010
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3883-7
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Diversity of life. Water resources. Global climate change. Cities and global environmental issues. We all know being a Christian involves ethical responsibility. But what exactly are our environmental obligations?

This unique volume edited by Wheaton College professors Noah J. Toly and Daniel I. Bock, teams up scientists with biblical scholars to help us discern just that question. What does the Lord require of us?

Here you'll read informed essays from Christian teachers in a variety of fields, ranging from New Testament, Old Testament, Christian theology and ethics to geology, biology, atmospheric physics and environmental science. Their biblical insight combined with scientific expertise will provide you with a deeper understanding and clear guidance on the most important environmental issues facing us today.

"The authors have done a credible job of presenting sound science and sound biblical theology side by side. As perhaps was intended by its editors . . . Keeping God's Earth would make a useful introduction for students or other audiences looking for a scholarly but accessibly overview."

Stephen Blackmer, The Living Church, February 12, 2012

"This is an excellent resource for enabling informed reflection on environmental issues from a biblical perspective."

D.W. Rooke, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 35.5 (2011)

"The book is well produced and, with good documentation, quality footnotes, suggestions for further reading and subject and scripture references, excellent value for money."

Rev. Alex Gilmore, The Baptist Times, May 27, 2011

"The book fills a space for those looking for an ethical foundation for creation care that takes seriously both the science and the Bible. The book aims to move care for God's creation into the center of American evangelical life. It is a wake-up call to action."

John Butterfield, Methodist Reporter, February 2011

"A serious book for those interested in the issue of climate change. . . A vital read."

Church of England Newspaper, October 15, 2010



Part 1: Introduction
Introduction: Keeping God?s Earth--Toward an Evangelical Response to the Environmental Crisis
Noah J. Toly and Daniel I. Block

1 Eschatology and Environmental Ethics: On the Importance of Biblical Theology to Creation Care
Douglas Moo

Part 2: Cities and the World
2 Cities and the Global Environment
Noah J. Toly

3 A Biblical Theology of the City and the Environment: Human Community in the Created Order
M. Daniel Carroll R.

Part 3: The Diversity of Life
4 The Diversity of Life: Its Loss and Conservation
Fred Van Dyke

5 To Serve and to Keep: Toward a Biblical Understanding of Humanity's Responsibility in the Face of the Biodiversity Crisis
Daniel I. Block

Part 4: Water Resources
6 Water for Life: Global Freshwater Resources
Michael Guebert

7 A Biblical Theology of Water: Plenty, Food and Drought in the Created Order
David Toshio Tsumura

Part 5: Climate Change
8 The Changing Global Climate: Evidence, Impacts, Adaptation and Abatement
Sir John Houghton

9 "The Earth Is the Lord's": Biblical Foundations for Global Ecological Ethics and Mission
Christopher J. H. Wright

Part 6: Conclusion
10 Environmental Ethics: Bringing Creation Care Down to Earth
David Gushee

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Noah J. Toly

Noah J. Toly (PhD, Delaware) teaches environmental politics and is director of urban studies and assistant professor of politics and international relations at Wheaton College in Illinois. Previously he served as policy fellow at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy in the University of Delaware's School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy. Dr. Toly is the author of or contributor to numerous publications on energy and environmental policy, and he is the co-editor of Transforming Power: Energy, Environment and Society in Conflict.

BY Noah J. Toly

Daniel I. Block

Daniel I. Block (DPhil, Liverpool) is Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College in Illinois. He contributes regularly to scholarly conventions and journals and he lectures frequently internationally. Among his numerous publications are major commentaries on Ezekiel and Judges and Ruth; the monograph, The Gods of the Nations: Studies in Ancient Near Eastern National Theology, and "All Creatures Great and Small: Recovering a Deuteronomic Theology of Animals," in Essays on the Old Testament and Issues in the Life of God's People; Festschrift for Elmer Martens.

BY Daniel I. Block