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Jesus and His World

IVP Histories

by Peter Walker

Jesus and His World
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: May 12, 2003
  •  Discontinued
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2355-0
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Jesus Christ is probably the single most influential figure in world history. Whatever people believe about him, the religion he founded now claims more followers worldwide than any other. But who was this preacher from Nazareth? And what was the world like in which he lived?

Peter Walker places Jesus firmly in the Jewish world of 1st-century Palestine, exploring the religious and social background of his life, analyzing his ministry and teaching and contrasting this with Jewish expectations of the Messiah. With engaging, easy-to-read text and illuminating, full-color illustrations, Walker helps you to understand how Jesus related to the world around him and how he pursued his radical mission.

One of six volumes in the IVP Histories Series, Jesus and His World draws on biblical scholarship and sharp insight to bring this central figure of world history to vibrant life.

"Few overviews of Christian history can rival the IVP Histories' winning mix of summary and storytelling. Aimed at a general audience, these expertly written books contain much to delight and inform even this long-time student of Christian history. Their size makes them easy to begin reading, and their beautiful images and clear, colorful writing make them hard to put down. A treasure!"

Chris Armstrong, managing editor, Christian History and Biography


1. The Story of Jesus
2. The Palestine of Jesus
3. The Evidence of Jesus
4. Interpreting Jesus
5. Jesus the Jew
6. The Aims of Jesus
7. The Challenges of Jesus
8. The Road to Jerusalem
9. Arrival in the City
10. Jesus' Last Hours
11. The Following Sunday
12. Jesus' Followers Reflect
Suggestions for Further Reading
Picture and Text Acknowledgments


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