Listen to IVP podcasts for thought-provoking Christian content beyond the written pages of our books! IVP's podcasts offer bite-sized audio wisdom from diverse authors, experts, and thought leaders any time, any place. Whether you like to listen in the car, while you work, or at home, these engaging podcasts will expand your knowledge, enrich your faith, and help you stay up to date with what's happening in the church and wider culture.

Behind the Books Podcast

Ever wished you could go behind the scenes of scholarly publishing? In each episode of Behind the Books, a podcast from IVP Academic, we'll host engaging conversations about particular books for the academy, as well as broader publishing industry topics. 

It may seem easy to judge a book by its cover, but behind every book stands many, many people—not only authors, but also editors, designers, marketers, and salespeople, among others. On Behind the Books, we take the posture of curious learners to explore the humanity behind and within the publishing process, enjoying the intellectual and faith journeys that have brought us to this one-of-a-kind calling.

The Digital Examen with Jay Y. Kim - Listen to IVP's New Podcast

The Digital Examen

What does it mean to slow down and hear from God amid the noise and pace of the digital age? "Like many these days, I often find myself overwhelmed by the chaos of the digital age—so much frenzy, so little peace," says host Jay Y. Kim. "My hope is that the The Digital Examen will offer people not only a learning experience but an invitation into stillness, with God, as we slow down enough to listen as much as we learn."

In The Digital Examen podcast, Kim converses with a variety of leaders, pastors, and scholars who are working to reorient their lives in the direction of listening, tuning their hearts and minds to hear the voice of God in all of its clarity, kindness, and strength. These discussions cover themes like reflection, contemplation, spiritual formation and disciplines, faithful engagement with technology, and creating and sustaining fruitful rhythms of life.  

The Disrupters Podcast

What does it look like to disrupt the church and world as we know it? The Disrupters podcast from IVP features stories of positive disruption from both emerging and trusted voices within Christianity. These authors, pastors, scholars, actors, directors, and business leaders tell their honest stories about the experiences that have challenged their thinking about faith, the church, and their calling in life.

Join Kaitlyn as she explores the ways that Christians can prepare themselves—spiritually, emotionally, and relationally—to faithfully disrupt the church and the world. Pastors, scholars, activists, and therapists share their own experiences of formation and transformation to educate and inspire listeners who seek lasting change, both within themselves and in their communities.

On Getting Out of Bed Podcast

Hosted by Alan Noble, author of the book On Getting Out of Bed, this podcast provides help, hope, and company for Christians who are experiencing mental suffering. Guests Curt Thompson, Tish Warren, Heather Thompson Day, and Wendy Alsup share hard-won wisdom from their personal journeys with mental health, giving hope and compassion for those struggling and inspiring others to "get out of bed" another day.

The world around us is full of suffering. When you're feeling alone or struggling with your mental health, life is still a good gift—even when it is hard. The On Getting Out of Bed podcast will give you companions on your journey.

Every Voice Now - Lifting Voices of Color

Every Voice Now Podcast

Get an insider's view of the Christian publishing industry with authors of color. Hosted by IVP staff, authors, and special guests, The Every Voice Now Podcast features interviews with recent and forthcoming authors of color who share their journeys to publication and the roadblocks they had to navigate along the way.

In an industry that still struggles with diversity, The Every Voice Now Podcast offers a refreshing and unique resource for book lovers of any ethnic background to discover voices of color. Guests include Juanita Rasmus, Terence Lester, Terry Wildman, Robert Chao Romero, Chandra Crane, and many more.

Get in The Word with Truth's Table Podcast

Get in The Word with Truth's Table Podcast

Experience the entire Bible in just fifteen minutes a day for one year. Get in The Word with Truth's Table is a daily Bible podcast from IVP featuring two cohosts of the popular Truth's Table podcast—Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan—who narrate the entire Bible and offer daily prayers over the course of a year.

Moving chronologically through the Old Testament, Get in the Word with Truth's Table episodes make relevant connections between the Old and New Testaments along the way, interweaving Scripture passages together in a single tapestry so that Old Testament stories, psalms, and prophecies connect as much as possible to New Testament teaching without losing their original context. Listen in as the voices of two respected Black women narrate the Bible and offer daily prayers for the benefit of all listeners.