Discuss Tough Topics in Community

It can be hard to talk about real-life issues facing us when we're in the church setting. Maybe we feel the pressure of maintaining a certain image, maybe we're afraid to be vulnerable, or maybe we don't feel like we know enough to speak thoughtfully about a sensitive topic.

But the community of our church family is exactly where we should be fostering these challenging conversations! If we want to engage with our culture in a way that makes a difference, we need to be willing to face taboo topics with humility and openness. It is with this posture that those around us will be willing to listen and engage with us in return.

These resources are perfect for small group discussion or Sunday school study. Plus, you'll save 30% when you use promo code 01CL31.

(Offer valid through March 13, 2018)

Racial Reconciliation & Global Issues

Sarah Shin
Brenda Salter McNeil
Dale Hanson Bourke


World Religions & Interfaith Dialogue

Mark Robert Anderson
Abu Atallah and Kent A. Van Til
Jayson Georges and Mark D. Baker
Edited by Richard J. Mouw and Robert L. Millet

Pop Culture

Josh Larsen
Andy Crouch
Danielle Strickland
Makoto Fujimura

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